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Jan 17, 2009 07:26 PM

Disney on Ice @ United Center - where to eat with a 4 & 8-year old before show?

We'll be taking our 4-year old granddaughter & 8-year old niece to see Disney on Ice in a couple of weeks. Would like to take them out for a quick, but unique dinner prior to the show, preferably within 15 minutes of the United Center area. I realize there's not much in the immediate vicinity. I don't expect either of them to eat too much, so we'd prefer something not too pricey. Was thinking of Greektown, but thought some other ideas might come to mind. Oh, and no pizza please. My brother owns a pizzeria, so pizza would not be a treat for her!! We just want it to be a special night for them!


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  1. Greektown would be a good choice. The kids would be entertained by the saganaki and dinner can be quick if needed. We began taking our kids to Greek Islands when our youngest was 3 years old and it remains a favorite for our kids.

    1. Giordano's is a good place and pizzeria 815 W Van Buren

      1. I think that Greektown (especially Greek Islands) is a good choice, as they have a lot of experience with getting diners in & out in time for events at the United Center. Another kid-friendly alternative might be the Billy Goat Tavern location near the United Center.