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Jan 17, 2009 07:12 PM

Best Donuts

Who has the best donuts in Chicago? Is there a place that everyone knows to go to to get the best fresh donuts in the country?

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      Thanks, I had searched but nothing turned up. I would have thought Chicago had at least one place that most thought was the go to place though.

      1. re: mlukan

        There is, but as it were, there ARE. Chicago might be a much bigger city than you think. There are several "go to places" for this reason. If you pose the question, then you'll prolly get a bunch of answers, but in those answers, you'll probably get 5 places that ppl keep recommending over and over. I will almost guarantee, however, that you will never find a better apple fritter than at Old Fashioned Donuts on da sout side (linked in the thread in nsxtasy's post.) If you seek the best donuts in the country, however, not sure if you'll find them here. For an alternative, but still kind of a cousin to a donut, I'd REALLY check out those apple fritters, and also, the bavarian cream filled creations at Swedish bakery up opn da north side in Andersonville (also linked in that thread.) I will back those two creations 100%, and put them up against any others in the country. I would recommend a danut place as "best in the country" but it closed many years ago. It was called Albano's and it was on North avenue in Elmwood Park - jut west of board fave Johnnies. The donuts were all freid in lard, and a simple cake donut weighed about 3/4 of a lb, and a half dozen of those babies would almost soak through the cardboard box they came in on the drive home. The danishes, also, dripping with lard, and, almost brings a tear to my eye that they are gone - although I'm sure I would have had some serious health issues by now if they were still open.

        Sorry I have nothing reaaly for standard "donuts" but seriously, the apple fritters and the cream filled things at those two places will surely live up to near "best in the country" status. They might not be the best, but they will definitely be up there in the rankings.

        1. re: gordeaux

          Thanks for the reply, I'm gonna check them out for sure.

    2. I have a weakness for Dunk Donuts in Melrose Park. Amazing cake donuts!!!!