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Jan 17, 2009 07:03 PM

Coffee for a crowd in Pasadena?

I seem to remember going to meetings and seeing a box of coffee - from Starbucks/Peet's? Do you need to preorder and how long does it stay hot?

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  1. Starbucks definitely does this. I think it's $12 for the box, and no need to pre-order. Not sure how long it stays hot - it went pretty fast :)

    1. fwiw,
      if you have a choice between the brewed coffee from starbucks vs peets, ablsolutely go with peets

      1. Peets has this as well. I would think you'd need to preorder so they can have it ready for you at the time you want

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          Thanks for everyone's advice. I ended up making coffee as I remembered I had some fantastic coffee hand-carried back from Guatemala by a friend. Plus I needed for an inauguration party this morning and I thought it'd be too stressful to wait at Peet's for coffee and then Noah's for bagels.

          But just a bagel mention....I needed a dozen plain bagels to serve w/lox and when I got to Noah's at 7 a.m. they were practically out of bagels. Just some onion, chocolate chip and jalapeno left - none of which would have worked for me. I swear after I got my plain bagels there were only 2 or 3 left and I felt sorry for those behind me in line.

          I often go to Noah's before a holiday and I've had this experience before - which seems crazy - once they literally had no bagels - none - at 2 p.m. New Year's Eve Day. Am sure I could pre-order but you'd think they'd have plenty of at least plain bagels on a busy day like this. I would have been in a bind if they'd run out as supermarket bagels not a reasonable alternative and I wouldn't have had time to run around town. So just a tip if you ever need bagels on a busy day - buy early or preorder if they let you.