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Jan 17, 2009 06:25 PM

home-made/country style cooking in weschester?

Any places that have southern style menus in Westchester County?

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  1. I wish. Other than Yvonne's in Pelham which doesn't have grits and biscuits in the morning and a true Southern buffet for lunch -- no.

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    1. re: dolores

      Anyone know anything about this place (Daisy Brown's, on Asburton Avenue)? They have a mySpace page, but I can't find anything else...

      1. re: Nancy C

        I want to know more about this Daisy Brown's, any one been and how does it compare to other soul food places, thanks. I have very high standards for my fried chicken.

        1. re: nbermas

          I don't currently have a trip planned to Yonkers - was there last Saturday and went to an Italian place on the border with the Bronx. Perhaps you can check it out for the rest of we "like Southern/homestyle" food folks? That'd be awesome!

          1. re: Nancy C

            thanks Nancy C
            It sounds like you have been up here for a while.
            Do you have a handle on spots for snacks or weekend drives for a quick bite.
            My starting point is Ossining
            I want to take some scenic trips with a rewarding treat at the end

            1. re: shoekittykat

              If you're looking for a scenic trip, wait for the spring (or don't, if you like winter scenery!), and go to the Tavern at Highlands Country Club in Garrison. I went recently-- it's about 20-25 min from Ossining and was pretty in the snow but it must be gorgeous in the spring. The food is definitely worth the drive. I'll post a review later; I think I forgot to. It's not Southern style, but I would say it's fancy country in a very casual atmosphere.


              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                thanks. keep me in mind I like different types of foods like southern, italian, bbq, american, cuban , seafood , japanese and mexican

              2. re: shoekittykat

                I regret I don't have a handle on drive and snack destinations, but I'm hoping others do. We tend to eat out for meals, rather than snacks. I can recommend the Croton Mini-Deli on Maple Avenue, if you are in the mood for a well-made, piled high cold cut sandwich. They cater to locals and the folks who work at MetroNorth, and do it right. I indulge my childhood love of olive loaf and American cheese on rye with mayo/mustard from time to time with their help. Driving distance up river, I've liked some meals I've had in Cold Spring, but again, they've been meals, not snacks. No beloved secret hot dog carts, I'm afraid... good luck in the search!

                1. re: Nancy C

                  Reading this reminded me that I haven't tried Big W in Wingdale yet--that might fit shoe's bill!

      2. I have heard a lot of people recommend Yvonne's in Pelham.