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Jan 17, 2009 06:14 PM

LA equivalent of Dean & DeLuca?

I'm looking for an upscale market, something one or two tiers above Whole Foods or even Bristol Farms... Like, well, Dean & DeLuca. I like the shop in Cube on La Brea and 1st (I think?) but it's a bit small. Any suggestions?

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  1. I suggest you be patient: In the mean time you might want to visit the Beverly Hills Cheese Store if you haven't done so before. What are you looking for more specifically? Maybe the hounds can come up with some other smaller places that will have what you like. Have you ever been to Surfas in Culver City? It might be a place that you would find helpful.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Wow great news for this ex NY'er living in OC about the building of Dean and Deluca here!!! I noticed the construction at Fashion Island but never checked to see what was going to be there! Yay! :)

      I wouldn't recommend Surfas for what the OP is asking for. Isn't that mostly equipment with a small food section?

      I do second the Beverly Hills Cheese Store also. Great selection of cheeses!

      1. re: junglekitte

        >Isn't that mostly equipment with a small food section?

        No, Surfas has a pretty substantial food section. It's not quite D&D, but I think it's about as close as you'll get around here. Not as flashy as D&D either, which suits me fine.

      2. re: Servorg

        Grrrrrrrr. Why Fascist Island?? Whay not LA? The Real Housewives of OC have a lot to answer for...

      3. Until Dean & DearGODhowexpensive open at Fashion Island, there's no one single place to get it. That said, just about everything that is available at D&D is available elsewhere, you will just have to make several stops.

        So, what exactly are you looking for? We may be able to help you source it.

        1. Two worth trying

          Joan's On Third
          8436 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

          City Bakery
          225 26th St # 25, Santa Monica, CA

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          1. re: Discokill

            Since the OP's are asking for a D&D replacement ...

            Joan's On Third would be a closer match to D&D then Surfas.

            1. re: burntwater

              Ditto with Joan's on Third. It's the only "fresh market" that's anywhere comparable to D&D for quality, selection and most of all price (so freaking expensive and worth it most of the time).

            1. Beverly Hills Cheese store as noted below is a great cheese shop.

              Bay Cities in Santa Monica is ostensibly an Italian deli but with goodies from all over, get their bread and fresh pasta (if you don't make it yourself). Surfas carries truffles, so does BH Cheese Store (not sure about Bay Cities, but Bay Cities has truffle cheese, then again so does Whole Foods)

              Bay Cities Italian Deli
              1517 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401