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Jan 17, 2009 06:13 PM

Azizi or Dosa? Pls help Nola foodie!

New Orleans foodie here seeking guidance! Have been to SF a few other times and have been to great places, and I've even been lucky enough to go to the French Laundry. Nola has so many amazing restaurants that I love, but I'm seeking something that is unlike what we have in Nola (have already had Yank Sing and plan to revisit on this trip as well).

From my research on this board, these 2 places appear to be favorites with the CH group. Both menus look wonderful. I'm having a difficult time deciding between them. Can anyone offer any guidance?

Many thanks!!

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  1. I take it you mean Aziza. Well they have very different types of food, so I don't see any way to do a direct comparison. Do you want Moroccan or Indian? That's what it comes down to.

    1. Aziza is a much more special place--they're not super similar in food or atmosphere. My strong preference would be Aziza hands down.

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        You are correct, I meant Aziza, that is what I get for creating a post after a couple of glasses of wine, LOL!

        And I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that the two cuisines are similar in any way, I understand that one is Moroccan and one is Indian. I have room during my visit for one more dinner and had it narrowed down to these two places based on what I've been reading on the CH SF board the past few weeks.

        Aziza seems to be the overall favorite though, and what I was leaning towards initially. Thanks for the feedback.