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Jan 17, 2009 05:52 PM

Melting Pot: Providence Place Mall

How is this place? The food, the atmosphere?

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  1. Four of us visited the Melting Pot last October while visiting Providence. My brain is getting pretty elderly, all I can remember is a lot of black. We were seated in a booth with high backs so we felt very private. The table contains the heating elements. The food was very good. We ordered a dinner for two plus some additional choices since there were 4 of us. All the food was very fresh. The chocolate dessert fondue was very very good. It had a bit of peanut butter mixed in. The normal sedate friend almost licked chocolate drips off the table. It's nice for a leisurely meal with a lot of conversation but it's also quite expensive for what you got. It was a fun, novelty but doubt if we would go to this restaurant on a fequent basis.

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      How long has that been there? Boy, I must get out more!

    2. Wino, search the boards. There are a ton of posts about the Melting Pot chain.