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What's the plan for restaurant week?

Anyone have their plans in place?

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  1. have reservations at town, olana, and le cirque.

    am most optimistic about olana since their $35 prix fixe is supposed to be extremely solid all the time. most apprehensive about le cirque.

    what do other people have in place?

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    1. re: vatl619

      I've done RW at Town a few times and it has always been great. I have not heard good things about RW at le Cirque and will be interested to hear about your experience. One friend told me that the tables were only in the cafe area and that there was a sort of promo video playing during the meal. Also that the food was very skimpy, not interesting choices, and mediocre quality...but plenty of attitude.

      1. re: City Kid

        Wow, that didn't happen to us at all. We had a lovely, well prepared meal in the main restaurant area. The wait staff was less than friendly, but they're getting less than 50% of their usual tip -- to be expected.

        1. re: lawstud

          I don't agree that you should expect less than professional service. For one thing, I don't tip strictly on the RW menu amount because I don't think staff should be shortchanged. For another, RW is an introduction to new customers so restaurants that view it as an opportunity to put their best foot and food forward (a la Danny Meyer) are smart, and many do!

          1. re: City Kid

            Guess the much praised Applewood doesnt follow that model. Our first meal there was brooklyn's RW, and it was so off we never returned. Waitstaff even signed to us, at the table , 'we're just not equipped to do this kind of thing." Sheesh!

            1. re: bklynbiker

              funny, I had a great RW meal at Applewood, so good I was actually shocked it was RW.

              1. re: ginsbera

                This year or in the past? Just wondering. Ours was about 3 years ago. Actually it was "Brooklyn RW," now that I think about it...

      2. re: vatl619

        I had a RW dinner at Le Cirque last fall. Sitting in the cafe area felt a bit like exile, but service was courteous and attentive. While not a negative experience, portions were fairly minuscule and not very imaginative. Overall, a lukewarm experience.

      3. I have reservations at Park Avenue Winter, Perry St and the Modern. I've been to the Modern before but not to the first two. I can't wait!

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          Are you doing lunch or dinner? How was The Modern? I see that they're only doing dinner.

        2. We're going to The Modern and Convivio, both for dinner. Never been to either, very excited. I am curious, for those that have been to The Modern for RW, how's the menu?

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          1. re: ShanDeez

            I did the Modern Bar room for RW this past summer and it was wonderful. They offered more than three choices per course and the food and service were both outstanding. ! I'll never stop thinking about the blue cheese flan I had with my steak - it was slammin'.
            Here are some photos!

            1. re: bosun

              I ordered the steak with blue cheese flan, as well, last RW. I've got to agree -- it was amazing! One of the best RW experiences I've had.

            2. re: ShanDeez

              Just got back from lunch at Convivio. The dishes I really wanted to try weren't on the RW menu, unfortunately (I was hoping for the tortelli amatrice!), but what I did have - duck sausage with lentils, a bite of my friend's pane cotta soup, orichette, and cannolli - was excellent. I'd absolutely reccommend it.

              1. re: Emmmily

                I went to the Bar Room at the Modern last night. I love that so many of their signature dishes (duck breast, tarte flambee, arctic char tartare, alsatian sausage, etc.) are on the RW menu. I've dined at the Bar Room several times, so it makes it doubly difficult to choose from old favorites vs. trying new dishes.

                I chose to start with the arctic char tartare because I love the contrast of the fresh micro basil, briny caviar, and succulent, fatty fish, whereas my fiance went with his 2nd favorite thing there of all time, the duck breast. The duck breast was particularly fatty (in a good way) last night, the apples were tart and crunchy, and the truffled pistachio dipping sauce was as usual, divine. I had to restrain myself from dipping some of the warm rolls into it!

                Our mains were also quite good but slightly less impressive than the appetizers. He had the short ribs which were kind of a standard preparation but delicious nonetheless and very tender (he mopped the plate clean). I loved my cavatelli of snails, pancetta, and mushrooms, in a wonderful cream sauce with just a bit of thinly sliced scallion on top for contrast. The snails were perfectly cooked and some of the most tender I've ever had (I hate when they are rubbery). This was excellent.

                For dessert, I chose the pistachio dome for dessert, which was good, but the pistachio ice cream on the plate stole the show. They were also kind enough to let us order some of their hot, fluffy beignets for a $10 supplement even though they weren't on the menu. I never can get enough of the caramel sauce, mango chutney, or maple ice cream they provide with them. (When you dine at the Bar Room they present you a modified version of their regular menu that has been edited for RW, there is no regular menu to choose from.)

              2. re: ShanDeez

                I did The Modern last night, it was great. They have 10 options each for the 1st and 2nd courses, and 7 options for dessert. Most of these dishes are off their regular menu.

                Course One: Upside Down Tuna Tarte was fresh and crisp, with a subtly sweet crunchy top. The Grilled Shrimp was okay (bf's dish) but I'd go with something more inventive on the menu. I would have liked to try the Duck Breast or the Tarte Flambee.

                Course Two: Swordfish was accompanied by an "eggplant caviar" which added a nice acidity, the tomatoes were also good, but I would probably go with something less predictable. The bf had the Short Rib Pot au Feu which was also mediocre, cooked well with a salt crust and some root vegetables but just nothing you haven't tasted before. If I had a second time, I would probably try the Pork Belly or Duck Confit.

                Dessert: Both the cheesecake and the apple streudel were delicious. I would definitely do either of those again they were really very good.

                1. re: kimsy

                  I did RW last night at the Bar Room and those exact dishes were in the menu.

                  Did you dine at the Modern?

              3. My husband and I went to Convivio for dinner last night, but we ended up ordering from the regular prix fixe menu because it looked more interesting (I posted my review in a separate thread). Am also going to i Trulli for lunch and North Square for dinner.

                1. I am going to check out Quality Meats b/c I haven't tried it yet. I might even end up ordering off of the regular menu - that QM 2lb lobster roll has been calling to me.

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                  1. re: bosun

                    By the way, I got the QM RW menu:


                    Caesar Salad
                    Butternut Squash Soup
                    Steak Tartare
                    Seared Diver Scallops, Grapes, Candied Pecans


                    Mediterranean Salad with Seared Yellowfin Tuna
                    Hanger Steak with Brandied Cherry Sauce
                    Open Faced Shrimp Salad Sandwich
                    Baby Back Ribs with Spicy Apricots


                    Choice of ice cream (5 diff flavors)
                    Orance Creamsicle Sherbet
                    Chocolate Rum Raisin
                    Pomegranate Pear Sorbet
                    Double Fudge Mint Chip

                    Looks good to me!!

                    1. re: bosun

                      I went yesterday. Got the scallops, which were ok, not great, and a very small serving. Others in my party got the Steak Tartare, which was excellent. Large serving, quality meat (no pun intended), and served nicely with mix-ins on the side so you can make it fit your taste. We all got the hanger steak. It was a relatively small portion, but big enough, and cooked to a true medium rare, but we all agreed the sauce was a bit sweet for our tastes. The ribs looked great as they passed by on their way to another table, wish I had ordered them. The ice cream was good, and a large portion as well. All in all, I thought it was one of the better Restaurant Week meals I've had and I definitely left full.

                  2. am debating on the Modern, Post House, Le Cirque, and Butter. Ill prob do 2 of these...any suggestions? (dinner only) Post House's menu looked good (filet mignon!) but I havent been to any of these 4 so Im at a loss....

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                      I went to Butter for RW a couple years ago and I hated it. I don't know whether it has improved since then, but I believe it is highly overrated.

                      I had a great dinner at The Modern (posted above) and I would try Le Cirque just because it's such a staple in New York City, even if you may find the service to be a bit pretentious (as I've heard).

                    2. So far I have only booked lunch at Aquavit, but I may dine at other restaurants. I was considering Dovetail but don't love their RW menu. Any opinions on Aquavit during RW?

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                        Are you in the Aquavit main dining room or the Aquavit Cafe? I think there are reviews here on CH from previous RWs but they might all be from the Aquavit Cafe. Do a search.

                      2. We went to Gramercy Tavern for lunch today. Arrived at 11:50 and just missed the last two seats at the bar but were whisked away to the Dining Room. Different menu than the tavern; we started with cauliflower soup and butternut squash risotto, then sea bass with spagetti squash and a pork croquette atop mashed potato ending with chocolate bread pudding and german chocolate cake both with ice cream. Wonderful White Bordeaux for $24 a bottle as well. All was deelish and the server kindly went over to the other sidei(the Tavern) to get the german chocolate cake for me. Plus the bonus, the gift certificate to come back. We eat there without RW and love it and loved it today. I liked the dining room but i am a tavern girl at heart. It was nice to see how the other half eats!

                        1. Went to Eleven Madison Today and it meet all expectations as always. A lovely meal and they also gave a $28 gft card whch they never have in previous years! Excellent! Phots and wirte up here:


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                            I was also at EMP today for lunch! It was fantastic! We got a chestnut soup as complimentary amuse bouche (not included in RW) as returning guests (as we went to EMP probably too often...) I have pretty much tried the whole regular lunch menu before and the options for RW were very similar to their regular menu with only fewer options and some changes in condiments in the dishes.

                            The parsnip veloute and parmesan poached eggs as apps. I have had both before for regular lunch and they were just as excellent as usual. I always adored those sweetbreads in the veloute and even if they put 3 times more I wouldn't mind.

                            For main my companion had the tagliatella which was a tad salty but was very satisfying. For myself, I did something that I normally would never do - ordering the chicken because I have had all the other dishes before (except for risotto which wasn't something I wanted at that time). The chicken was the only dish that I hadn't tried at EMP and I thought I would just gamble this time. I have to say that the reward was BIG. The chicken was juicy and tender and matched perfectly with the sauce. EMP has changed my aversion of ordering salmon in restaurants (because theirs always came out perfect!) and now they have erased my fear of ordering chicken (although I think I am only going to order salmon and chicken at EMP and not anywhere else.)

                            As for desserts, we tried all 3 as one came as a complimentary dessert on top of our two selected ones. The highlight was the cheesecake which was light and fluffy, sort of like a cheesecake mousse. The grapefruit sauce and sorbet balanced out the heavier components of the dessert. The other highlight was the savory "malted milkshake" sorbet and olive oil that went with the chocolate mousse. Momofuku, I am sorry to say that this sorbet bit your pistaschio soft serve as my favorite savory ice cream. I could have forgo all the desserts and just have a bucket of this sorbet.

                            Service was fantastic as usual and the past complaints about hard butter and no bread were no longer a concern (actually they fixed these problems awhile back because they "saw" the complaints online, as I was told). EMP just gets better and better every time I go and my companion was also very impressed with EMP overall.

                            1. re: kobetobiko

                              Some of the photos of the EMP RW lunch today:

                              1. re: kobetobiko

                                The parsnip veloute with sweetbreads and truffle oil
                                and the 3 desserts

                                1. re: kobetobiko

                                  We had almost exactly the same lunch there yesterday- except the boudin blanc instead of the tagliatella. Agreed that everything was terrific, especially both appetizers which were great! The sommellier (who has helped us several times before) helped us pick a terrific German Riesling. We just recently (two weeks ago) had our post-engagement dinner at EMP where we had the Gourmand menu which was fantastic. But I must say that all of the dishes we had during our lunch could have been inserted into that menu and would have held up very well. The gift certificates are quite dangerous as we too already eat there more often than we should. For those that haven't been, however, I highly recommend you try during RW- EMP is our second favorite restaurant in the city behind only Per Se.

                          2. Went to Nougatine last night and was very impressed. For $35, our meal began with the amuse: shot of creamy fennel soup paired with a fried wonton skin topped with fresh crab and a crunchy carrot "brittle." Tuna tartare was the next dish followed by skate wing over spaghetti squash. The entree was buttery roasted chicken with lemon truffle sauce and broccoli rabe. Dessert was a tasting of a citrus semifredo, chocolate molten cake and homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Our check arrived with a small plate of pate de fruits.
                            Excellent service, food and atmosphere.


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                            1. re: LeahBaila

                              I went tonight to Nougatine and the RW meal was again a *four* course meal, plus the amuse and petit-fours. The same amuse as above of crab + wonton + fennel soup, then butternut squash soup, then salmon and mashed potato and miso vinaigrette, then short ribs in a soy-based sauce with apple, then the same dessert sampler.

                              Earlier in the week I did Union Square Cafe for lunch with co-workers - very nice, but not nearly the same deal as Nougatine dinner.

                            2. I dont think Ive ever had an amuse at RW.

                              1. We did ono on sunday night, nice portion size but I would never pay the full price for the food we got. Wine pairing was very reasonable and made the meal worth it.

                                Peacock Alley tonight

                                Tribeca Grill 01/25/2009

                                Lever House 01/27/2009

                                Megu 01/30/2009

                                1. Tribeca Grill is great for RW, would pass on Butter though (nothing exceptional food wise and the crowd was kinda cheesy, not the "it" crowd you would expect.)

                                  I went to RW at One If By Land - surprisingly not that bad. Wasn't great, but worth it to see the restaurant at a fraction of the cost.

                                  My RW roster includes Aspen, i Trulli (lunch), A Voce (lunch) and Calle Ocho

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                                  1. re: eameyer

                                    Not to be critical, but I have been to Tribeca Grill a few years ago, once for RW and once for regular dinner, and I wasn't impressed with either meal. Their food was mediocre at best. Service was fine though. But with so many better choices in NYC (even for RW), I won't recommend Tribeca Grill when options are available.

                                    1. re: kobetobiko

                                      Went to dB bistro for lunch and Megu tribeca for dinner on monday.

                                      DB: was ok...For app, my friend had the salad and thought it was overtly bland. I had the beef consume and thought that it was very warming (it was snowing that day). For entrees, we both had the fish course. Bad mistake on my part...I guess I really can't handle all the cream in that french food. For desert, I got the chocolate three ways and my friend got the panna cotta. We were both pretty confused. For the panna cotta, there was a lemon sorbet that overpowered the panna cotta. For me, the three chocolate deserts tasted too similar and had a very, very..acid? syrup sauce on the side (in my opinion)

                                      Megu, on the other hand, was a totally different experience. For the appetizer, I opted for the sashimi salad (bland, ordinary), while my friend got "today's special": eel with a honey mustard dipping sauce. The eel was absolutely lovely. For entrees, we both got the kobe beef. Mine was cooked a little too medium for my taste and was a bit tough. Desert was..as expected. Not good, but not bad. However, we were very happy with the service. Also, even though the place was packed, we were given a spicy tuna roll compliments of the chef (a BIG plus in my book). Also, we ordered the skirt steak on the warm rock. Absolutely delicious. We also had a "diamond" roll which went very well with the wasabi. Overall, Megu was the highlight of the day

                                      1. re: wherethetreefalls

                                        I agree about megu (i went to midtown) , the eel was delicious and sashimi salad, but it was it. Kobe beef we ordered was not even a kobe. it was too chewy and i wouldn't not recommend to order it. Try sushi platter instead, it comes with 6 pieces sushi and one roll. They only had one desert on the menu (dry chocolate cake which i didn't even eat), so it was very disappointing.
                                        Btw when i asked the waiter why they give wood chopsticks (i was really shocked , they looked like from chinese restaurant around the corner, hope that kobe didn't come from there:-) he said its only for the restaurant week:-) come on - for 35 dollars plus drinks, plus tip and tax - Megu midtown could do better.

                                    2. re: eameyer

                                      I thought the RW week dinner at Tribeca Grill was great as well. The food was very good and the portions were so huge, we couldn't even finish. Didn't feel rushed at all either. The food isn't the most amazing thing I've ever eaten, but it was very tasty and a tremendous value.

                                      Megu (downtown) on the other hand is a different RW experience. Much smaller portions, but defintely a wow factor on the food. Although dessert was a weak spot. Probably the best food-wise that I have had for RW dinner. Too bad I left a bit hungry.

                                    3. Il Cantinori (dinner) - absolutely hated it. Quite possibly one of the worst meals ive had in this fair city, RW or not. The minestrone soup tasted like it was weeks old, the 'pollo milanese' was soggy on the outside, dry on the inside and just insipid all around. Tiramisu wasn't bad, but it's hard to screw that up. Overpriced wines, douche-y service. I'd never set foot in this place again.

                                      Gotham Bar & Grill (lunch) - Clam chowder was absolutely perfect. Loved it. Pasta with duck was a bit on the small side, but very tasty. The chocolate cake with poppyseed and banana icecream was to die for.

                                      Next up:
                                      Convivio and Tocqueville

                                      1. Went to Convivio. Had the duck appetizer, pasta (w/brocolli rabe and tomato sugo), and canoli dessert. She just had the seared octopus off the regular menu. The other RW entrees were not pastas, but sounded good as well. Every dish was fantastic and service was great. Will definitely be going back, even if it's not RW.

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                                        1. re: Tubulus

                                          Went to Anthos on Tuesday. Sadly, everyone in my party of 4 was surpremely disappointed. I'm a fan of Kefi & Mia Dona, and I had heard good things about Anthos, which is why we decided to give it a try. I had the fluke raw meze, the arctic char and the pumpkin karidopita - only the arctic char was decent, but it was definitely nothing special. We also opted for an order of the smoked octopus for the table ($9 supplement), which was probably the best thing we ate that evening. Both desserts were very mediocre... overall, I was sad that I had chosen to spend good money for such a lackluster meal. (As with most, I've cut back on my eating out lately and this was a splurge/treat.)

                                          I have one dinner res left for Sunday at Convivio... I'm very eager to hear more feedback on the RW meal there, since I would like to know if I should keep the res considering my disappointment w/ one RW meal already...

                                          1. re: kareny123

                                            I wrote in a little more detail about my lunch at Convivio in another thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5893... I had an excellent meal there, already plotting a second visit to try the regular menu. I'd say keep your reservation.

                                            1. re: Tubulus

                                              How are the portion sizes at Convivio generally? I checked out their menu and everything sounds delicious. However, I always seem to think these type of places serve you small portions(i.e. Del Posto, Per Se, Modern). What's the deal?

                                              1. re: steakrules85


                                                We've had dinner at Convivio non-RW, and portions are more than adequate. The best way to go is the 4-course prix-fixe for $59 -- a steal for food of such high quality.. You definitely will not go away hungry!


                                            2. Posted this on its own but it dropped off quick - wanted to say that my lunch at Dovetail was exquisite as per a RW experience. Highly recommended. Great to see a restaurant take a lunch during RW so seriously.

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                                              1. re: lastingly

                                                I second that Dovetail was a very good RW experience. I was surprised given to the mixed reactions to this restaurant on this board and a few other food boards I read.

                                                They served an amuse of the day which was a shot glass of sweet potato royale with melted marshmallow topped with rosemary and fennel. It was nicely balanced in terms of sweet and saltiness but the gritty texture was a bit of a turn off.

                                                My app of pork belly with coco beans and cranberries was very good. Crisp slices of pork belly with creamy beans and the tart cranberries that burst in my mouth. I liked it a lot.

                                                The entree I chose was braised lamb shoulder with carrots, almonds, blood oranges and yogurt - this particular dish interesting in terms with the tart, creamy yogurt with the hearty, melt-in-your-mouth lamb. The lettuce and almonds gave it some crunch and the blood oranges gave it another dimension to the dish.

                                                Dessert was the disappointing course for me - I ordered the caramel cake with popcorn ice cream and peanut butter powder. The yellow sponge cake that's saturated in caramel syrup was too moist for my preference. The popcorn ice cream was more like sherbet; it needed the creamier consistency, imo. It looked nice but it wasn't interesting enough for me.

                                                For my photos and further thoughts, please follow the link:

                                              2. Went to Calle Ocho on the UWS which was great as usual. Go on Mondays, and all mojitos are $5. They also give you a $25 coupon per person towards a future visit, which is basically a free entree for each person. So go on the next Monday with your friends and get 1/2 price drinks and free entrees. You can't beat that deal, although 4 mojitos each is a little too many on a Monday night.

                                                Went to Dos Caminos on Houston last night which was disappointing for the price. I even had a free $100 certificate from my AMEX credit card and was still disappointed. The best things that we ate both included short ribs, but everything else was basically underseasoned. They even managed to mess up epanadas. This will probably be my last visit to a B.R. Guest restaurant.

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                                                1. re: AndrewOG

                                                  Glad to hear Calle Ocho was good, I have a res there on Thurs. What was on the RW menu?

                                                  1. re: eameyer

                                                    Honestly, I can't recall all that much about the menu, other than that we thought it was pretty good. We've eaten at CO 4 or 5 times now and it is pretty consistent. I think they have a separate RW menu for each of the week so I wouldn't be much help. They don't post it online, so you need to call or stop by to see what it is.

                                                2. Monday evening, four of us did Molyvos and were rather disappointed. The food was mediocre at best. The highlight of the evening was the bottle of Greek wine that the Sommellier recommended. For starters, we tried the lentil soup (nothing special), the four spreads (Mikri Pikilia), salad and the dolmades. Of the four, the dolmades were the most flavorful. For entrees, two of us ordered the Roasted Chicken, one ordered the Marinated Lamb Shanks and the fourth ordered the Grilled Monk Fish. Both the roasted Chicken and Lamb Shanks dishes were too salty. We figured that the chef that night must have been too generous with the salt. Dessert was another disappointment. We ordered the Ravani (Vanilla cake) which was too sugary and sweet). We each took a few bites but could not finish the rest of the dish. The Galaktoboureko (semolina custard wrapped in phyllo) seemed to be better balanced in flavor and taste. All of us agreed that Molyvos does not deserve a repeat visit.

                                                  1. Went to Lever House the other night for dinner and was quite happy with all of our food. There was a choice from three selections in each category and we had all three items and everything was quite good. Apps were, pate, greens with beets, did not have the soup, too difficult to share. Entrees were short ribs, butternut squash ravioli, cod (best out of the 3). Desserts were trio of sorbet, salted creme de pot which tasted like butterscotch and gingerbread cake which I was not crazy about. All in all I was happy to have sampled Lever House at the bargain RW price.

                                                    1. I went to Kittichai and was very surprised. It was very good. The portions were generous, you get a good variety of the regular menu to chose from. I would definitely go back.

                                                      1. Did you know that Scarpetta is serving RW dinner? Well, I didn't know until I went there today for dinner. They are only offering RW dinner M, Tue, Wed, and Thu. So technically tomorrow 1/29 will be the last day you can order RW dinner at Scarpetta.

                                                        The good thing about the menu was that all the dishes are the most popular ones:
                                                        - short ribs, polenta, and beets & La Tur salad for apps
                                                        - spaghetti with tomato and basil, capretto, and cod for entrees
                                                        - amadei chocolate cake, coconut panna cotta, and olive oil cake for desserts

                                                        Before the dinner, I was planning to order from the regular menu (as I didn't know they do RW), and I have tried all the dishes on the RW menu. But considering the $35 prix-fixe and the regular price of the dishes it was indeed a great bargain. So my friends and I went with the RW selections. All the dishes turned out to be as good as their regular dinners, with the exception of capretto which was a quite tough (late time I tried it was much more tender). The bread basket was really addictive so we were really really stuffed after the meal. A very nice surprise and save me some $ for some good wine!

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                                                        1. re: kobetobiko


                                                          We haven't been to Scarpetta yet, but we had the capretto at L'Impero back when Scott Conant was the chef there, and it was something of a disappointment because it was rather tough and too dry. And I've heard this same complaint from others about this signature Conant dish. You say you've had it previously, and it was more tender, so it appears to be inconsistent. In my view, not a good thing, especially since it is one of his signature dishes.

                                                          Btw, This past summer, my husband and I ate at Vetri, in Philadelphia, and the capretto there was wonderfully tender and moist.

                                                          1. re: RGR

                                                            Hi RGR,

                                                            The capretto was actualy quite moist but chewy. Last time I shared the dish with a friend and I had the "chops" which were very tender. However, when I had the whole dish myself this time, the chops were ok with the remaining pieces being very chewy. The sauce, while delicious, couldn't save the meat. I agree that as a signature dish I would expect it to come out much better every time.

                                                            The cod dish was also a signature dish of the restaurant, and while I wasn't wow'ed last time or this time (I have a few bites from my friend's), on retrospect I think I should have order it as it was consistent.

                                                            Since this meal came out a lot cheaper than we expected, perhaps I shouldn't be complaining too much....

                                                            1. re: kobetobiko


                                                              True, it was inexpensive when compared to normal prices. However, they chose to participate; nobody twisted their proverbial arm. So, you have a right to complain if some of the food didn't measure up.

                                                              I don't do RW, but in my view, diners have a right to expect the food served during RW to be of the same high caliber as when the restaurants charge full price. While the basic dinner cost is $35, most people order something to drink, and then there is the addition of tax and tip. So, the final tab can be more like $50+pp. Not quite so inexpensive. Thus, a restaurant just ends up alienating diners if the food does not live up to expectations. That, in turn, defeats the whole purpose of RW, which is to encourage diners to want to come back for more, thereby increasing business.

                                                              1. re: RGR

                                                                Hi RGR,

                                                                I completely agree with your point. I have had complained about EMP in the past about service / food not upt to their normal standard (something that they have clearly fixed based on my recent visits). But since I have had the capretto dish before, I hope it was just an off night (and not because of RW). And I don't want to sound like a whiner ^_^"

                                                              2. re: kobetobiko

                                                                What exactly does the goat taste like? I'd assume gamey-like.

                                                                1. re: steakrules85

                                                                  Goat does have a gaminess, but it's not excessive. I found the flavor to be similar to lamb.

                                                                  1. re: RGR

                                                                    Just as RGR said, goat has a slight note of gaminess. I actually like goat that has a pronounced "goaty" taste (or you can say gamey taste), but the capretto at Scarpetta isn't quite that which I think is due to the fact that capretto is young goat (aka kid, if I understand it correctly).

                                                                    Also, because it is leaner than lamb, it has more "meat" taste than "fat" taste (think steak with more fat vs less).