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Jan 17, 2009 02:08 PM

Bachelor Party Weekend-Questions Suggestions

Heading to NOLA early April (Thursday-Sunday) for the first time w/ about 8-10 College Buddies (all late 20's) Have gotten some great ideas from this site and am trying to put together dining/drinking itinerary. Looking for a few ideas /recomendations on the following

Cochon for lunch- Place looks great and have read amazing things. Besides food, is this place casual for Fri lunch? Thinking the small plates sound great for sharing. Can you eat and have a few cockers here for about $40 per person?

Bars-Good local spots to get lost in for an afternoon or pregame? Not looking for tourist haunts but good solid spots with cold beer, good eats (don't have t be the best of NOLA but available and good) and music (jukebox a plus)

Late night eats in French Quarter-Po Boys & Mufaletta, etc...

Coffee & Beignets in Fr Qtr-Who makes the best?

Also any recomendations on Bars w/ Good Live Music?

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  1. since i think most New Orleanians will avoid any bachelor party posting like the a former. long term French Quarter resident i can offer you a little bit of advice in this matter. If you want to get an "authentic" or "local" experience, here are some guidelines and recomendations...
    1)DONT go around callin it "N'awlins", only tourists say that, locals generally pronounce it "New AHlins", almost the same way you would hear "darlin" pronounced "DAW-lin"
    2)DONT act like its mardi gras or ask people to expose themselves, follow the same rule for yourselves
    3)this should really be #1........RESPECT YOUR BARTENDER AND ALL SERVICE EMPLOYEES.....if some one in ur group gets cut off, move on , theres a million patient...usually if the place is hoppin, it will take a lil time to get ur drink, when you do, tip like you want good service and generally you will get it......most service people in the same areas know each other, act an ass in one spot and its likely to follow you
    4)this one always got under my skin in the quarter...please use the tiolets in the bars , etc.......not the streets and would think this would be a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised
    all this being said, heres my ideas as to what i still know about in my once fair city
    -lower decatur street from the 1000 block down to esplenade is a good place to start for eating, and drinking, ditto if you continue down decatur into the Marigny where it crosses esplenade and hooks up to Frenchmen street...if you're down that way chill out and ask around, New Orleans IS a friendly city and generally people will hook you up with good info. Another solid source for information will be your cabbies, which is a great way to get around and generally pretty affordable. In my experience, only use United Cab, most bars will call united if you ask for a cab.
    I think Cochon is generally pretty casual
    Also, check out Jacque-imo's, awesome food, pretty casual and you can have fun up in that neighborhood as well
    cant really say about po-boys but when i was there franks or central grocery on decatur for Muffuletta
    and IMO coffee & beignets are for people who went to bed the night before..(hee hee)

    hope this was in some way helpful

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    1. re: Big Cicada

      Thanks Big Cicada...

      After my post, I realized I propobly turned off locals with the Bachelor Party Post....I can understand why folks wouldn't want to help what they might think are a group of drunkin louts.

      Not my nor the groups intention to act and behave like idiots.....We're all very excited to enjoy the city, food and culture. Frankly, I'm more excited about the food and the local music then I am about beads and hurricanes.

      Thanks for the advice and response.


      there are other similar posts in the archives if you search 'Bachelor Party"
      have fun!

      1. Assuming you'll be in the FQ, right?

        Port of Call in FQ- for a good burger

        13 on Frenchmen for late night eats- service can be slow, but the food is good and it stays open REAL late- if you're on Frenchmen- wldn't necessarily make a special trip there....

        DBA on Frenchmen for live music

        Cafe Du Monde- is the only place I wld recommend for beignets

        If your ppl like Sushi or Japanese food- try out Rock-N-Sake in the Central Business District- it can take large tables with reservations, always filled with young professionals, plays loud music so it works for a loud crowd or potentially loud crowd

        Tipitina's Uptown or Downtown for Live Music check this site for music listings when your trip gets closer

        Gordon Beirsch (sp) near Harrah's wld be a place where you could catch a game and get bar eats- I wldn't call it "local" but it's not a tourist haunt either

        Pat OBrien's- bar on Bourbon Street- is a must for a first time trip to NOLA- DON'T EAT THERE!! but the drinks (original Hurricane) are large- you can go in the afternoon or at night- sit outside on the patio or in the piano bar- always a mix of locals and tourists- always a good time

        If you head Uptown- check out the Bulldog Bar on Magazine Street- always large crowds of folks out to watch games- a HUGE beer lists and the bar eats are good for bar eats

        I second Jacque Imo's BUT make reservations or get there at 5:30pm- this will def. be a cab ride from the qtr. ... you can walk next door to maple leaf to get some drinks while you wait

        Boucherie is a new restaurant in the same neighborhood as Jacque Imo's- it has great small plates for sharing...

        I'll hit back with any others that I think of!!!

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        1. re: mecmec

          Mecmec and Edible C-

          Thanks a bunch for the detailed info....just the kind of info I was looking for.

          Yes staying on FQ at the Royal Sonesta from Thursday through Sunday.

          Only dinner reservation so far (and possibly the only one) is at NOLA Thursday night for about 5-6 of us. The best man had a very good meal there about a year ago and wanted to try it again. Menu looks terrific but then again so do so many others as well.

          Was thinking about a Couchon w/ 2-3 guys for lunch on Friday before the rest of the crew lands....

          Is Commanders lunch .25 Martini's a must for a first timer or can this be skipped in lieu of having enough time?

        2. Cochon is good, but over-rated.

          Bars - it depends on where you want to hang out. If you are Uptown or in the Garden District - The Bulldog, Fat Harry's, The Balcony, and Cooter Brown's would fit the bill. The French Quarter - try Molly's at the Market.

          Live Music - Tipitina's or the Maple Leaf.