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Jan 17, 2009 01:56 PM

Sichuan Ingredients

I just bought Fuchsia Dunlop's "Land of Plenty" and now I'm realizing how needy I am for the ingredients she uses in her book. Sichuan chili bean paste, fermented black beans, etc. Any suggestions on where I might pick up these ingredients? I live in East Dallas. Do you think that Asian market across from Jimmy's might have this stuff? I can't remember that name of that establishment and I've only walked through once. I need Chinese stuff!

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  1. Best bet is Hong Kong (Dallas/Garland area), Asia World, May Hua (Plano) or the one in Richardson Chinatown as all of those are Chinese. The one across from Jimmy's is more Viet/Burma/Loa. You possibly could find it there but you would have to translate it from Viet.

    1. I find that the Korean markets, like Super H in Carrollton or KoMart have more of the sichuan ingredients.

      Here are additional resources at Dallas Public Library

      Where in DFW have you found good sichuan food eating out?

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        Little Sichuan in Plano (Legacy and 75) has Sichuan owners as does Sichuanese Cuisine in Plano (Park and Coit)