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Jan 17, 2009 01:47 PM

Great chocolate desserts and treats in Evanston?


I'm an editor for a student publication at Northwestern University. We're rounding up and reviewing 100 top chocolates in the Evanston area (within walking distance of downtown). It can be anything with chocolate: Cakes, brownies, cookies, milkshakes, bars, crepes, etc.

Any suggestions? We'd love to hear 'em! =)

Tom Giratikanon

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  1. Blind Faith Cafe on Dempster...... The Vegan Chocolate Cupcake and Vegan Chocolate Cake. These are a MUST!! And for anyone who tends to shy away from anything "vegan".....even more reason to try these. Trust me they're absolutely incredibly delicious.

    1. Well, to start with, Evanston has the very best artisanal chocolatier in the entire Chicago area: Piron Belgian Chocolatier on Main Street, Bob Piron and his brother were trained in Belgium and get many of their ingredients and equipment from there. All their filled chocolates are superb, from the shells, to the truffles, to the marzipan, etc. Even their nut barks are great. (Ethel's Chocolate Lounge on Davis Street can be interesting, but the chocolates at Piron are much better! )

      Al's Deli on Noyes Street has the best chocolate chip cookies you can buy. They're as good as the best homemade ones you've ever had. Their iced chocolate cookies are good too.

      Evanston has numerous restaurants serving outstanding chocolate desserts. Perhaps the best is Oceanique on Main Street, with their signature "day and night" cake with white and dark chocolate mousse layers.

      Bennison's on Davis Street has a lot of baked goods. Not many are chocolate based, but they have great chocolate rum balls. Their "black and white" cookies are pretty good too.

      I find the desserts at Foodstuffs on Central Street to be inconsistent in quality, but their caramel brownies are pretty darn good.

      Just down the street, Tag's is known for their florentines.

      Maggiano's at Old Orchard in Skokie, just west of Evanston, has a terrific chocolate layer cake called a chocolate zuccotto cake.

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        Any other suggestions, especially for great cafe-type treats or restaurant chocolate desserts?

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          Two more I can think of.

          At Jilly's Cafe just north of Central Street, they serve their "chocolate trio" - a flourless chocolate cake, a pot de creme, and an ice-cream-filled profiterole with chocolate sauce.

          Walker Brothers Original Pancake House is just over the town line in Wilmette. They're best known for numerous dishes that don't contain chocolate, most notably their fantastic baked cinnamony apple pancake and their German pancake (the Dutch baby is the small version), as well as their omelets. Their "chocolate chippies", the pancakes made with chocolate chips, are great, and you can get them in a full or half order.

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            If anyone was curious about the results of our taste test -- at least for the students tasting, Bennison's chocolate rum balls and Al's Deli's cookies were universally panned, but Tag's Florentines were well-received.