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Jan 17, 2009 12:29 PM

SF Chronicle Wed Food section going away?

So, reading some fine print on SF Gate looks like the Chronicle's Wed. food section is going away?? Unless I'm reading it wrong, it sounds like they're going to move restaurant stuff to Thursday, and other food stuff to Sunday. Bummer! Just because, you know, Wednesday is always food section day...Anyone have more 'inside' dish about this?

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  1. Maybe you could have provided a link to the article? That would have helped a little.

    1. The SF Chronicle is losing $65 million a year. It's a cost-cutting maneuver. (As if that wasn't obvious.)

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        Yeah, be thankful you will still have a Wednesday PAPER! In Detroit, we won't have any home delivery of the major dailies except on Thurs/Sat/Sun.

        Do you still have a worthwhile food section? Our papers have used more AP and wire service content (without proofreading it, leading to an article about watermelons at their peak locally on the 4th of July, except it was written in Dallas and they aren't ripe here until August!)

        1. Who cares? There is much better info on the web - locally Chowhound, Tablehopper and Eater. Bauer is past his prime and the rest of the stuff is old news by the time they report it.