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Jan 17, 2009 12:19 PM

Bend, OR recommendations?

I'll be traveling to Bend later this winter. I've gotten a few suggestions (seems brewpubs are a significant industry in the area and I will try some) but have not heard about any higher-end places for a special group outing. Any cuisine is of interest. Need not be pricey (or stuffy!) but I'm willing to pay for something extra-special. Thanks.

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  1. Well, Bend is going through a food crisis if you will. In the last 2 months we have had probably close to about 10 restaurants close their doors. There are still some good restaurants left. A few of them were in the "pricey or stuffy" category. Marz Bistro serves some quality food ranging from French to pan-Asian to American cuisine. I recommend the Asian BBQ ribs. Bistro Corlise (if they're still open) I believe specializes in French comfort foods like any good Bistro, and I have been told is quite worth the price for that something extra-special. Cork is also good and has quite a nice wine list. But if you go for ethnic food there's Toomies (locally owned and operated) Thai restaurant. Kebaba does some really good Middle Eastern food such as schwarmas and kebab etc. El Burrito is a hard to find Mexican restaurant but worth seeking out. Award winning chile verde and chile colorado. Plus everything there is made from scratch and made in small batches. I cook here in town and these are my favorite places to eat, and no I am not employed by any one of these restaurants.

    1. We always love to visit La Rosa for really good Mexican (awesome hibiscus margaritas). The Deschutes Brewery also has really good pub food. Their mac and cheese is fantastic.
      If you are there for breakfast/brunch, Victorian is a must. Prepare to wait, but its amazing. I like their warsaw potatoes.