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Jan 17, 2009 12:09 PM

Wine Dessert Question!

I heard of someone making a dessert by pouring about half a cup of red wine over lime sorbet. I'd imagine it'd be good with a sweet fruity red, but I completely lack the wine vocabulary to know what kind of wine to look for. Does anyone have any suggestions of what they think would be good with this?

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  1. Ugh. Sounds not good.

    Prosecco is usually used (with lemon sorbet.) I also like it with limoncello. But a half cup sounds like a lot to me. Start small; you can always add more.

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    1. re: jaykayen

      Agree that half a cup would be too much. I also don't think it sounds particularly good (different, yes...). But if you wanted to:

      Some sweet reds to consider:

      "Elysium" Black Muscat by Qaady--widely available in the US. It is lovely--the aroma of rose petals is haunting--would play off the floral aspects of the lime. [If you make the sorbet yourself consider steeping a bunch of kaffir lime leaves in the syrup and perhaps substituting a bit of kaffir lime juice for the regular lime juice--go easy, it's bitter] Elysium is a great dessert wine in its own right--good with chocolate or berry desserts. About 15 bucks for a half-bottle. This would be the best bet, in my mind if you wanted to try. [Though I would probably just serve a glass of the wine on the side rather than adulterating the sorbet]

      Another good option would be a sweet sparking red, such as Brachetto D'acqui from Italy. The bubbles might cut the sweetness of the sorbet. Have had some sparkling reds from the Ukraine as well (though that might be harder to find...). You could serve with a Kir Royale.

      There are many sweet red wines produced in the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan) and Crimea. They are usually inexpensive and fairly simple. Most are pretty floral.

      Mavrodaphne of Patras is a sweet red wine from Greece--has an arresting taste that is not to everyone's liking. It seems slightly oxidized, sort of like a young tawny port. I don't think it would add much to the sorbet, though. It is very similar to Commandaria, the famous sweet red wine of Cyprus.

      Both Ontario and British Columbia produce a lot of late harvest and icewines from a broad variety of grapes. 98% are white (mainly Vidal and Riesling), but you will see Cab Franc, Cab Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, etc. They are not difficult to find here in Ontario, but I don't know that I have seen them in the States. These are unoxidized and have lots of berries and red fruit flavours--not much by way of floral notes, which is why I would try the Elysium.

      Some ideas, anyway.

      1. re: zamorski

        Oh, and a red vermouth or aperitif like Dubonnet might be interesting. Or a red Floc de Gascogne [sort of the Gascon version of Pinneau de Charentes, made with Armagnac of course]

        1. re: zamorski

          Brachetto with watermelon sorbet. Nice.

      2. I don't know about the red wine, but what about some limoncello? Or, for something with a bit of sparkle, maybe try a Moscato d'Asti.