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Jan 17, 2009 11:12 AM

Costco PSMO Warning

So, after watching the Good Eats episode Tender is the Loin several times I finally decided to go and get a PSMO from Costco. Seems that I'd seen recent prices near $10/lb so that is what I was expecting to pay.

I get there and am looking through the case and see a package that looks the right shape that says "Peeled Side Meat...." and grab it. Thought the $14/lb was a little steep but what the hell, I'm over the falls and have the menu planned already.

Get it home and notice that is says "Peeled Side Meat OFF", not "Peeled Side Meat ON" like it should have said which means that it has already had the chain trimmed off. No freaking wonder it was almost 50% more per pound and not even 5lbs. Frankly, the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that this is intentional to fool people into paying more money since the episode aired.

Oh well, looks like I got a good lesson for $20. And I'll have to wait for the cheese steak sandwiches till next tiime.

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  1. You just paid more because they removed the excess meat, which gives you a better yield UNLESS you had plans for that extra meat as it sounds like you did. There are official spec #s like 189 or 190 which would tell you exactly what you're getting, but 5# and under would be recognizable as peeled down to nothing. I think the next size up is 7 or 8 # (somebody help me out here!) PSMO is wholesaling for under $8 right now, and that's with everything removed, ready to roast, not that I want to make you feel bad but there's some kind of glut so it should be a great time to buy some more, just maybe not at Costco.

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    1. re: coll

      Yeah, Yield not so great when I'm paying $14/lb and I was planning on using the chain meat for stew and sandwiches.

      I think what I got is pretty much trimmed and ready to go. Just need to remove the head roast and cut the steaks. I'll find out if the silver skin needs to be trimmed when I get the package open.

      I'd love to find even untrimmed PSMO's for under $8/lb. Anyone know of any wholesale meat purveyers in San Diego that sell to the public?

      1. re: coll

        Where have you seen wholesale prices for psmo (190) - 190a is fully trimmed - no silver skin, etc... .
        Weight is very much dependent on the breed of cow (cattle) that you are getting - Hereford is a little smaller, CAB is about 7lbs trimmed - etc.....

        I don't think that there is any conspiracy - as coll stated above, you pay more for more yield and you pay more for more work put into the product before it gets to you. The way I think about it this way- every step I want someone else to do for me increases the price I pay - sometimes it's worth it and sometimes not so much.

      2. The episode originally aired in February of 2006, so you can probably put the conspiracy theorist in you to rest on this one.

        It also, honestly, doesn't sound like a bad deal at all for meat the quality Costco normally puts out.

        1. It's a conspiracy to make you not take 10 seconds to read the label in the package? The price is appropriate for the meat as trimmed: even if you wanted the "extra" it's not worth as much per pound as the trimmed out piece. If it wasn't what you wanted, that's not Costco's fault, since it was labeled correctly.

          1. You blew it, should have got the 'regular' cryovaced fillet at $8.99 pp and followed Alton's process.

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            1. re: treb

              Which costco has them at $8.99/lb?

              1. re: meadandale

                Should be most of them, actually I was there yesterday and they were $8.19 pp.

                1. re: treb

                  They should be down even more by next week.

                  1. re: coll

                    Interesting, can you elaborate as to why?

                    1. re: cstr

                      Last week the wholesale price was $7.25 but this week it's $6.95. That doesn't mean they will lower the price automatically, that's just FYI. It's just a great time to buy tenderloins.

                      1. re: coll

                        You were correct, Whole Tenderloin $7.99 this week. Ca Ching!!

                        1. re: cstr

                          It always tastes better when you get it on sale ;-)

                            1. re: meadandale

                              Holy Cow, good thought! That's just about a steal, can't recall when I saw that price last. Think about it, buy a narly, nasty, tough NY strip USDA 'Select' for $4. on sale, or $7 regular price at local most mega marts or get the whole fillet at Costco and get cash back which makes it even a better deal by 5%, that's $7.27 pp. Buy...Buy....Buy!

                              1. re: meadandale

                                Went to Costco yesterday, bonless ribeye steaks, USDA Prime, $7.99 pp.

                      1. re: Cathy

                        Thanks. Maybe I'll shoot over there. The one over here in Mission Valley didn't have them.