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Jan 17, 2009 11:09 AM

Howard or Anne Arundel County: Chinese wedding banquet venues?

Hi, fellow foodies!

My fiance and I are looking for a nice restaurant (or affordable caterer), who can make authentic Chinese cuisine at wedding banquet caliber for 100 people. We're hoping to hold the wedding ceremony in Columbia, MD and have the reception within 20 minutes, so out-of-towners won't get lost. However, growing up in DC, I know the most popular Chinese wedding banquet restaurants are in Montgomery County and DC/VA suburbs.

Anyone know some possibilities in Howard County or Anne Arundel County?

I'd be grateful for any leads!


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  1. It's not a banquet place, but you can't do any better when it comes to fine and authentic Chinese cuisine - in the region. Perhaps. Chef Li would cater?

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    1. re: Treva

      Thanks for the suggestion! I agree. Grace Garden is very authentic and tasty, though a bit pricier than I'm used to paying for Chinese food. Next time my fiance and I are there we might ask the family, if they have ever considered catering. I'm not sure about their capacity to prepare enough food and deliver to a party of 100 people. That kitchen's pretty small and I think they have only one chef.

      I still estimate that setting the reception dinner at a Chinese restaurant would be cheaper than catering. But I'm open to suggestions, if you all know any other options.

      1. re: shade_tails

        Not to burst your bubble, but anything catered probably won't taste as good. The staff at this small takeout probably can't handle a party for 100, and this place surely can't handle a party for 100 people, not to mention it's in a dumpy part of Odenton.

        Too bad Jesse Wong's Hong Kong is closed, although you may want to contact Jesse Wong's Asean to see if they can do a cantonese style wedding banquet.

        1. re: Chownut

          Thanks for your input! My experience has been mixed in terms of catering. Not surprisingly, the better experiences were more expensive. Since my fiance and I cannot spend a lot on this wedding, we'll likely end up having the reception meal at a Chinese restaurant, because it's the biggest bang for our buck. I will check out Asean Bistro and see, if they could do a wedding banquet well. I'll also be visiting Hunan Manor and any other restaurants reputed to have an authentic Chinese menu. I appreciate any leads any one could give me.