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Jan 17, 2009 11:07 AM

Great restaurant to give a gift certificate for in Hollywood

Our good friends just got married and they live in Hollywood.
I am in Dallas and have no clue where I may be able to get them a gift certificate for a nice dinner somewhere in the Hollywood area.
Any cool ideas? They are in their early 40's.
Thanks everyone--love all the great info on the boards
but wanted to throw this specific question out there

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  1. I think the Hungry Cat is the best, high-end yet casual restaurant in Hollywood. They would love it.

    1. If they like sushi, Katsuya would probably be a hit.

      1. If they like wine, you can't go wrong with Lou on Vine, a great wine bar with a small, tasty menu. Cozy. They offer a fixed-price ($55 per person) 3-course Monday supper each week that includes flights of various wines. Their regular menu is good, too.

        1. Near their, Lucques is an excellent choice.

          1. I would go to Katsuya in Hollywood and get a gift card, it's good for ANY SBE place...XIV, Katsuya, Foxtail, etc.