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Jan 17, 2009 10:35 AM

Court of Two Sisters/Jazz Brunch

I've seen some mixed reviews of this place. The idea of a buffet appeals to me. Is it worth it for a jazz brunch? This is our third time visiting New Orleans (we'll be there in April), and we've wanted to do a jazz brunch each time but haven't yet. If not Court of Two Sisters, is there a better place for a $40 or less/person jazz brunch?

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  1. I didn't like the food at Court of two sisters. I'd recommend Arnaud's brunch, their room facing Bourbon St has a jazz combo on Sunday mornings. Or they did, I haven't been lately.

    1. I enjoyed the Jazz brunch @ CO2S, but you need to ask a local what to choose off of the buffet. The eggs benedict were really good as were the carved meats. Their grits n' grillades were outstanding!! Other things, not worth the calories. Trust your judgement or ask a regular what to go for. Adam

      1. I've only ever had bad food and bad service at Court of Two Sisters - but haven't been there for brunch. I'd try the Intercontinental Hotel in the CBD - the music is a quartet featuring Gregg Stafford and Dr. Michael White - two of the world's best traditional jazz musicians alive, and the food is excellent - a buffet, with a decadent variety of options, including plenty of hot made-to-order dishes. I believe it's $40, and only on Sundays. Because the phenomenon of the jazz brunch is primarily frequented by tourists, I find many places have mediocre food and insipid music, because they know you won't be back for a while. I haven't been to the Intercontinental in a while, so you might call to confirm that the same musicians are there.

        1. The Pimm's Cup is good here....