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Jan 17, 2009 10:19 AM

ISO gluten free pasta recipe

I have always wanted to make my own pasta but never got around to trying it...and now that I have been diagnosed with celiac disease, I figured it's a good time to start! Does anyone have any tried and true recipes? I appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. not tried and true, but worth trying..............

    1. Get Bette Hagman's "The Gluten Free Gourmet". The fresh pasta is wonderful (page 147, I think). We couldn't tell it from regular. All of her books are great for celiacs. She explains everything and the recipes are, by and large, very good.

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        Thanks to both....I think I even have The Gluten Free Gourmet! Forgot about it....I'm going to check out both recipes. Wish me luck!

      2. Use rice flour instead of wheat.. Udoon noodles are good but don't eat any of the seasoning packet style of noodles. They are loaded with MSG I'm on a mission to change my diet after a Severe reaction to MSG. I have not made pasta from scratch but I don't think it's that hard. I have a recipie I'd like to share with everyone.
        2 eggs
        3/4 cup rice flour
        1/4 cup sugar
        1 tsp baking powder
        4 tbs unsalted butter,melted.
        1/4 tsp salt
        1/2 tsp pure vanilla
        4 tbs honey
        1 tbs grated orange peel
        pre heat oven 350 F

        Melt butter,honey, let cool. Wisk flour ,salt,baking powder in a seperate bowl.
        Beat eggs,sugar, vanilla on high until light colored, add honey buttey mixture.
        Mix Flour mixture and orange zest by hand using spatula

        1. i haven't tried making this potato gnocchi recipe, yet, but it looks intuitively reliable to me (based on experience making gnocchi and gluten free foods in the past) and it is on my list of recipes to try. (it has the added benefit of not requiring any special equipment.)

          in general, when making gnocchi, make sure your potatoes are as dry as possible, or the gnocchi may turn out gummy. baking your potatoes instead of boiling is a good option. if you do boil, dry out the potatoes slightly on the stovetop, on low heat, after draining.

          1. I have made egg noodles from the gluten-free gourmet recipe I found online. My advice is to knead by hand well before hitting the pasta machine if you have one. Also, the noodles don't stay well, so leftovers were a bit gummy. However, fresh it was great. Would work well for ravioli - just haven't gotten there yet.

            I have also made good butternut squash gnocci - I make it really light, not too much flour, and put it in by the spoonfuls. Yummy and very cloudlike. I don't have a recipe - I have started with all sorts of recipes and just sub in flour mix. I find too much tapioca starch makes it gummy, even though that works better for rolled pasta.