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Jan 17, 2009 10:06 AM

City Fish - Boca Raton

Any news on this newbie in Boca?

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  1. The name implies Big Time Resto Group but it's actually part of Buckhead Life Resto Group. I am very familiar with the Buckhead Life since ATL is my old stomping grounds. It should do very well and the site says Chef Anthony Hoff from the Oceanaire Seafood Room is at the helm.

    1. I went to City Fish last night with my entire family. While the food here is very good, the kitchen is very slow. We were a party of 9 and our meal lasted 3 hours. The kitchen was very understaffed and couldn't handle the volume of guests dining last night. The manager said it was their 'busiest' Sunday yet, but that is no excuse for a lackluster service at a high-end restaurant. Besides, this was my second time dining there and encountering a slow kitchen. However, when your food does arrive, I am confident that you will like it. The menu is expansive and the food is quite good despite the backup in the kitchen. We complained to the manager both times we dined about the slowness and they say they are working on correcting the problem. If you ask me, I don't think they have done anything to address this issue. The manager acknowledged the backup in the kitchen and I kindly suggested that he go into the kitchen and help expedite the orders. Anyways, they gave us 20% off our bill, but I still hope they get their ship moving in the right direction.

      Pros: Fresh seafood, nice decor, large dining room
      Cons: Young and inexperienced staff, understaffed kitchen, slow service

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      1. Is this place run by the same owner of CityFish in Orlando? Because that place has great service not to mention some excellent fish.

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          It looks like it is a different management company.

        2. City Fish is the equivalent of Atlanta Fish Market, the second of the Buckhead Life restaurants, opened in ATL about 25 years ago. Food quality is great and they are famous for their fried lobster tails. The restaurant group also opened one of their other flagship establishment, Chops/Lobster Bar in Boca last year, so gradually they are moving into the Boca market, very similar to their Buckhead market. The chain is celebrating its 30th anniversary with three-course meals for $30 at many of their establishments, including the Lobster Bar in Boca.

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            Hmmm. Confusing, there's another City Fish in Oldsmar too.