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Jan 17, 2009 09:55 AM

BYOB in Upper East Side

Looking for BYOB in UES. Willing to pay $10 corkage at most. Like ethnic and new American equally. Any suggestions or finds?

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  1. Cipolla Rossa for some good Tuscan. A bonus if you like game dishes.

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    1. re: RCC

      I third Cipolla Rossa. The grilled calamari is the best I have ever eaten. I also love the various wild boar dishes.

    2. One of my favorite places - American - on the UES just got it's liquor license, and is BYOB. I believe there is no corkage fee.

      Square Meal
      30 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

      1. I second cipolla rossa. No corkage, food very authentic italian, have great calamari too, fantastic game--the boar meatloaf and venison ragu are faves.. Atmosphere not the greatest but the food is so good, you won't care. would make a rezzie as they are getting a following.

        1. Cipolla Rossa is, indeed, terrific and BYOB. Another good UES BYOB is Square Meal on 92nd just west of Madison in the old Joanna's space. It's owned by Yura and is essentially a very well prepared comfort food menu.

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            Just went to Square meal last night and could not recommend it more highly. The food is solid and the atomsphere and service were wonderful. Didn't rush you, no corkage fee. Felt like a nieghborhood place and they seemed to know many of the diners