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Jan 17, 2009 09:29 AM

Any New Indian Restaurants in Pittsburgh?

Seems several new Thai places have opened up in the last year or so and was just curious if any new Indian places of opened? The only new one I'm aware of is over in Oakland around the corner from Tamarind and another new one in Oakland, I think it's on Semple street. Has anyone been to either of these places or know of any new ones?

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  1. Semple St. new Indian is joint venture with Udipi, therefore South Indian options. Rasam way TOO salty. Pleasant enough atmosphere with obligatory Bollywood MTV.
    Masala Tea not the best. I'll give it another try and hope it improves and survives...

    1. this is my first time posting, after using Chowhound for years now! It's certainly helped us survive moving to Pittsburgh. We love Udipi but it's too far away to visit regularly, so we are always on the hunt for good Indian in Oakland. We've tried a couple new places recently -- Tandoori around the corner from Tamarind, and Bayleaf on Semple Street.

      Tandoori was relatively pricey for Indian (about the same as Tamarind, which I don't think is especially good, or good value). At Tandoori we had absolutely delicious naan bread, but the curries were not the best -- Channa Masala and Aloo Gobhi -- somehow the spices seemed heavy rather than subtle.

      Bayleaf was a better experience -- good, cheap South Indian fare. It doesn't quite have the charm of Udipi, and the food didn't seem quite as special -- but it's early days, and I hope they stay open. Just having South Indian in Oakland is awesome. My masala dosa was good enough for a return visit, and the lunch buffet looked decent. My partner had the mysore masala dosa, which was good too. They were advertising dahi puri (not on the menu but on a specials board) which I will definitely be trying on a return visit. We didn't try the masala tea, but it's not Udipi's strength either, so maybe it's not surprising it wasn't a winner at Bayleaf :-)

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        glad to hear of good Bayleaf experiences - will go back to sure.

      2. Somehow I completely forgot to mention that I've eaten at the Bay Leaf cart at Pitt, across the street from Soldiers and Sailors parking garage entrance. I've been there 4 or 5 times now, I wasn't crazy about the egg curry, but the lamb vindaloo was great, chicken pista korma was really good, the ginger chicken was ok, and I still want to try the manchurian. For $5 you get a portion large enough to save some for lunch the next day. If I can ever find parking, I'd like to try the lunch buffet at the Semple St. location.

        1. I went to Bay Leaf last night with a foodie Indian friend who thinks its the best in the city. At our table three got the buffet, I got Chicken Lawabdhar, my sister got Butter Almond Chicken. We ordered samosas as appetizer. With the buffet you get freshly made masala dosai. The buffet consisted of several main dishes, veg and non-veg, two soups and a lot more for $6. the chicken dishes were delicious, as were the dosai and samosa, the the rice was far our new favorite. One thing we really liked was the food was not greasy, just fresh and delicious! It is also much more affordable- and they deliver.

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            QSheba, do you know if they have the buffet for lunch and dinner at Bay Leaf?

            I went to Tandoor Inidan Grill over the weekend and thought it was very good. They had tandoori chicken wings which were just great. They must have marinated them for a while because the flavor went down into the meat, not just the skin. The chicken saag and the biryani we had were also very good.

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              We went for dinner last night and they had the buffet; I'd be shocked if they didn't have it for lunch, especially with the student and hospital crowds.

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                Went to Bay Leaf for lunch. Went for the lunch buffet today, wasn't all that impressed, but for $5.95 it's hard to complain too much. Everything seemed overly greasy, they were slow to refill things, especially the tandoori chicken. You do get a masala dosa with the buffet and that was very good. Their coconut chutney was very good too. I'd have preferred to spend a few bucks more on India Garden. Bay Leaf's food cart over by the Chevron building is a lot better than their buffet, and the prices are just as reasonable. I won't go back to their buffet, but I will still frequent their food cart!

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                  People's on Penn Avenue (north of Lawrenceville) has lunch and dinner buffet Monday through Saturday. I've not been to the buffet, but the meal I had there was very good, atmosphere and service were also worth mentioning...a definite return is in order for the buffet faire!