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Jan 17, 2009 09:09 AM

West Chester Cheesesteak???

20 years ago when I lived in East Goshen Township our three favorite local cheesesteaks were John's in Paoli, Peppermill in East Goshen Township and Betty's (south on Rt. 202 - I think). I will be passing through for one day with a friend who has never had a cheesesteak and I want to treat him. Any ideas or comments on the three above? And no, I'm not taking him to South Philly and Pat's, etc - I never could stand the taste of Cheesewhiz. Thanks!!!

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  1. Betty's doesn't exist anymore, more's the pity (and yes, that's where it was, and Jimmy John's next door is still open should you decide on hotdogs instead). People still like Peppermill and I don't know anything about John's (like, whether it's there anymore or what).

    Jimmy John's Pipin Hot Sandwiches
    Wilmington-W Chester West Chester PA, Wilmington-W Chester West Chester, PA

    1. John's is still on Rt. 30 in Paoli. It's in a different building on the east bound side of 30. Cheesesteaks are average - I'm not saying that in a negative way. They're just not in the top tier. Peppermill, however, IMHO, does great cheesesteaks.
      I'd say go to Peppermill.

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        1. Thanks for the feedback! I took my friend to Peppermill in East Goshen Twp. on Monday night and it was as good as I remembered from 20 years ago. We had the pizza steak stromboli with added onions and sweet peppers and it was fantastic. The pizza dough is light and chewey but nice and crispy on the outside. The meat for the steak was very tasty and the pizza sauce (marinara actually not gravy) was just right. Service is still high school kids but who cares about service when the food is this good and cheap too!

          On another note - I had fond memories of the BK Diner in West Chester and went there for lunch. Forgetaboutit! Some memories don't last.

          Thanks again for the posts!

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              In my book, New Haven Pizza on Church does a very respectable cheesesteak. Great pizzas as well.

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                Lorenzo's used to be my favorite as well. Where are they located now?

                1. re: jec6

                  they're on Gay street, down by Rubensteins office supply store.

                  1. re: PAracer

                    Do you mean Market St.? I'm trying to picture it. The only thing next to Rubenstein's is the Salvation Army store.

            2. Riggtown is by far the best cheesesteak in town ....I am scared to eat Lorenzos

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                I hear ya, 3 x meat totally overwhelms the roll. No ingredient is bad but, good lord the portions are so off with equals toooo much meat, not enough bread and cheese. Maybe okay for an all protein diet- not a tradiitonal philly cheesesteak.

                1. re: keby

                  I take that back about it not being a traditional Philly Cheesesteak. It's just got an overwhelming overabundance of meat in it. I think you can order it a way that it's not as much meat? Haven't had one in 5 yrs though so I forget how.