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Jan 17, 2009 09:06 AM

London - Valentine's Day- Spanish/Moroccan

I will be in London for 1 day (unfortunately Valentine's Day). I was hoping to eat at Moro but they are fully booked. Can anyone suggest something similar? (Also had my eye on the River Cafe but they are booked.) I'll be staying in Winchester but willing to travel a bit. I'm not looking for a romantic meal (traveling with my brother) but I am looking for a memorable one.

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  1. Spanish - Brindisa in Borough? As they don't take reservations on a night like Valentine's Day that might work in your favour as they are usually crazy busy - what husband/lover/paramour would risk waiting around and possibly not getting a table?! I would think that they won't be anywhere nearly as busy as usual on the 14th.

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      Or Barrafina in Soho - they don't take bookings either - its turn up (usually queue with a glass of wine) and sit at the tapas bar for as long as you want (or as many fino's you can drink).

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        Although if you are going the Barrafina option get there early (preferably just after six) otherwise you are in for a long wait.

    2. I really like El Faro - great tapas, but it's a bit of a schlep (in the Docklands)