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Jan 17, 2009 08:46 AM

Seeking GREAT lunch in Brooklyn..Al Di La and what else?

My friend in Brooklyn Heights is tied of traveling to Manhattan for meals and has suggested a lunch date in Brooklyn. I have almost no first hand experience with restaurants in the borough, so am looking for help!! Willing to travel anywhere by subway, or even to drive if parking is available. Seeking decent atmosphere; budget is flexible. Friend will probably not want Asian. Not River Cafe (we did this last year, want someplace new this time). None of the places I looked at are open for weekday lunch (Saul, Grocery,Convivium, Chestnut, Good Fork, Dressler, etc)

Opinions, please, on Al Di La, which is now open for lunch. Burger at Peter Luger? Frankie's 457?

Many thanks!

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  1. Aurora in Williamsburg is delicious and lunch there is always a good time. Went there just last night for dinner. Burger at Peter Lugers is also a great idea and if it's too crowded you could try Diner just down the street. They do my fave burgers in the neighborhood (not counting Luger burger, of course). Another idea is Motorino for lunch, which I haven't been to myself, but I keep hearing raves from all around.

    Have fun and enjoy Brooklyn!

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      Thanks! Aurora looks very nice. Any comments on which might have better food: Al di La or Aurora?

      I think we will leave pizza out of the equation for this lunch (although I am game at other times!)

      1. re: malibu

        What about La Superior? I know it is not in the same league as the others I mentioned, as far as upscale atmosphere, but if the food is great, authentic Mexican.....???

        1. re: erica

          I have never been to Al Di La so I cannot comment on it.

          I live a block away from La Superior and have been in numerous times. My personal belief is that it is a bit undeserving of all the hype. Their spicing is inconsistent (one day super spicy, next week the same dish will be super bland) and the portions are small so I always order wrong (ie: too much or too little). If you don't mind dining on paper plates/plastic cups and unclean bathrooms, the food isn't horrible and worth a try. I always felt it got branded "authentic" because of the bare bones/hole in the wall aethstetic, but that's just me and I'm not that into it. Also, it's BYOB so if you like wine or beer with your lunch be sure to hit up a bodega or a wine shop (there's a bodega on the corner).

          1. re: malibu

            We were just at Stone Park Cafe tonight and I noticed they are now open for lunch Tues-Friday.

            1. re: jinx

              SPC looks very nice! Is there any chance of parking around there on weekdays?

              1. re: erica

                Stone Park's always nice, but bear in mind that their lunch menu is considerably different than their dinner menu. I'd say Al di la's lunch menu resembles their dinner menu slightly more closely - you can get the saltimbocca & sometimes the malfatti at lunch, for example.

                1. re: erica

                  Parking might take a few tries around the blocks but you should find something--there are meters along 5th avenue, and often I find something along 4th avenue if I can't find on 5th. Its actually easier during the day than at night!

        2. Lunch at Al Di La is fabulous and is a great way to experience the restaurant without having to wait for a table. A great choice.

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          1. re: prdct

            I heard Al Di La just started lunch service. I've been to dinner there a few times and loved it. What time does lunch go until? I'm planning to take a friend there after 2p.

          2. I had a very nice lunch at Frankie's a couple weeks ago. Like prdct mentioned about Al Di La, it is nice to enjoy a relaxing midday meal and not have to wait for a table as one normally does at both places. Wish I was able to enjoy a nice lunch in Brooklyn more often.

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            1. re: boccalupo

              Frankie's seems to be a crapshoot now or days. Some times the food is great, some times it's just plain awful. I had lunch there last week however and all was pretty good. I didn't know Al Di La and Stone Park were open for lunch...I shall try them.