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Jan 17, 2009 08:11 AM

Mt Everest's (Cgy) closed?

Am I correct in seeing that the only Nepalese resto in W Canada has closed? I live right by Mt Ev and a group of us were planning dinner there yesterday- then one called to say it had closed- I called, disconnected, and walked by to see a door open (but couldn't make out what was happening inside) and some sort of paper or fabric covering the one window that faces 17th. No "for lease" but this might have just happened. I'm holding out faint hope that this is just a closed for renos but doubt it. Anybody know anything?

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  1. >> Am I correct in seeing that the only Nepalese resto in W Canada has closed?

    There is a Nepali restaurant in Vancouver:

    (Sorry...that is no help to you at all.)

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    1. re: fmed

      As well, not any help, but here is a review of Yeti - a restaurant a few minutes south of Edmonton. I've only stepped in, as I was looking forward to their buffet offering but left as they were not prepared at all for the evening.

    2. Okay, Mt Ev was the FIRST. Whatever.

      I crossed the street (yesterday just saw what I could from my side, south side of 17th) and took a closer look.

      Hand-lettered sheet of paper in the front entrance:

      "Closed for renovations- reopening soon."

      Hooray! But underneath in tiny script:

      "O Shima Japanese Cuisine."

      Oh well.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Anyone else's head jump to Hiroshima when you read O Shima?

        1. re: maplesugar

          There has also been a place in Victoria called the mint that did tibetan and nepalese.

      2. Good/bad news...

        Good news: Its opening up again!

        Bad news: Its in the NE just off of beddington blvd.

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        1. re: acelin

          That's a small strip mall just off Beddington Trail...not all that walkable given that there might be one bus route to the area(nevermind the construction at Beddington & Deerfoot). I wonder who they replaced?

          1. re: maplesugar

            There's one bus route (46) that goes directly through the intersection, but it's a very short walk (a few blocks) to major routes: 4, 5, 20.
            Beddington is surprisingly walkable.

            1. re: 23skidoo

              I always thought the walk was longer... but then I'm assuming the buses (aside from the 46) all run up & down centre street... and that stretch of Beddington Blvd always seemed so long...

              *facepalm*Ok it's only a 1.4 km walk from Centre Street & Beddington Blvd to the restaurant - definitely walkable. :)

              1. re: maplesugar

                The 4, 5 (to/from downtown) and 20 (crosstown to/from University) run along 78 Ave NE, about 600 m away.

                (Sorry if we're getting a little off the topic of food here!)