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Jan 17, 2009 07:29 AM

Where do chefs retire to?

I'm not talking about the refined retirement communities. I'm worrying about the after retirement community step...... (insert sound of doom) ......retirement homes.
What makes me worry is the food I've seen at retirement homes near here.
A vegetarian friend is at a home where the meus give her a choice, but the food we've eaten there as her guests is bland and boring. (Bland need not be boring, IMO.)
My Father in Law is in a different retirement home, and the food is totally uninspiring. (I'm not sure that he's getting ballanced meals, but that's another thing.)
Where DO people who care about food go, or plan to go when they can no longer cook for themselves?
Where did Julia Child go?

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  1. The Culinarian's Home in New Paltz, NY. I don't know anyone who actually went there, but historically it has been a place for retired chefs. It was started years ago by the credited originator of eggs benedict and the waldorf salad- Oscar Tshirsky. The pace is beautiful, but very small.

    1. I'm not sure if there isn't a certain amount of "Live hard, die young, and leave a good lookin' corpse" in that group, but nevertheless, we do have one spot here in St. Louis that has a reputation for very good food. We had dinner last night with some pals who'd been invited to dinner there with some old friends, and one of the choices was osso bucco. Not bad, eh?

      1. Sorry, but when I first read this topic I though with incredulity, "do chefs actually retire?"

        I would think that when chefs get too old to cook for themselves, there would be a long line of younger chefs who were inspired/mentored by them ready to cook them any number of meals, regardless of where they were living.

        1. And Julia Child went to a retirment community in Santa Barbara, CA.

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            Here's an article from the year before she died that details her life in her retirement community:


            Retirement communities vary in the amount of independence and cooking residents can do, depending on the residents financial means and level of independence.

          2. We don't retire... we're just found face down in the fry-o-lator....

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