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Jan 17, 2009 07:08 AM

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 2009 Season?

Has everyone started to research which CSA they will go with for the spring/summer/fall season? I started last many great farms. I am looking to get eggs, fruits, veggies, and possibly cheese/milk (depending on my budget) this year... What about everyone else? and Where? Any specific recommendations?

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  1. What's your location? That's a big factor. If you're in MD I highly recommend Spiral Path which requires pick up on Saturdays at the Silver Spring farmer's market. Payments usually aren't due til April.

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    1. re: shellymck

      Alexandria, Virginia. I am open depending on the CSA that is reasonably priced...Thank you for the rec.

    2. I am also looking into CSAs. We now live in PG County and my husband works in Columbia, MD. Anyone know anywhere besides Clagett Farm, that would be convenient? Ideally either right near Columbia so he could pick-up after work or in PG County accessible by the beltway. I work in the city and he's the one with the car so I'm trying to make this as convenient for him as possible!!
      Thanks in advance!

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        The CSA we belong to delivers into Capitol Hill but allows pickup at their farm in Upper Marlboro...

      2. I use Star Hollow Farm. They have a pick-up location in Adams Morgan. I am also in Alexandria, and we either drive or take the metro to pick up. It is not a traditional CSA in that you get set items per week. You can choose which weeks you pick up, and you do not have to get their box. DC Foodies had a posting on CSAs