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Jan 17, 2009 05:01 AM

Grocery stores in Chinatown?

Hi-I'm relatively new to Philly but would really like to shop in Chinatown. What are the recommendations? Please be aware I use a walker so I would need somewhere where I could get about handily. Thanks so much.

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  1. Oh, and by the way, precise addresses would be helpful as I'll be going there by cab. Thanks again.

    1. There's one right next to Ocean Harbor. I don't have the address, but it's on Race.
      The biggest one I've seen is actually down in a basement, I don't know if htere's an elevator or not. Both have decent selections, are pretty big.

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        Thanks Bob. Just talked to my landlord (who is Chinese and lives in Chinatown). She told me the same thing. I'll check it out.

      2. it's not in chinatown, but i've really got to put a good word in for the spring garden market at 4th and spring garden if you can make it there (it is easy to get around inside, BTW). i've been doing a lot of shopping here lately, and it's inexpensive and very extensive. the layout can be a bit weird (at least two different places where ice cream is found, three for tofu, and four places for rice and noodles!) so you really need to plan on spending some time browsing and exploring slowly sometime. i noticed yesterday and today (fri + sat) the produce stock is better than usual, so i'm guessing those are the days to go. they had all the veggies and herbs i needed, whereas other times i find they can be out of basil and cilantro, my two staples! the sauces and tea sections are particularly amazing. i've never seen more sauces (even in a regular supermarket) in my life. it's overwhelming. and cheap. there is a lovely fish sauce (peacock brand) for less than $2, and it comes in a huge bottle, at least 1 ltr.
        a downside for the OP - if you are traveling by cab it is easy to get there, but cabs are not readily available on the street outside so you may need to call one to return.

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          Thanks Rabidog. What would this post do without you? Hey, by the way, are you a dog owner? Again, thanks. I am going to either of both locations tomorrow. God, I love this post. . . . especially since you guys answered with my handicap in particular. I am very touched.

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            welcs - i hope you enjoy it! not a dog owner (tho i do love dogs). if you're referring to the username, it stems from a combination of a childhood nickname from some bad teeth and the led zeppelin song 'ramble on.' :)

            i made a sort-of pad kee mao from products bought from spring garden market yesterday. used the refrigerated sheet rice noodles, which work better than their dried. used the loose tofu swimming in the water in a refrigerated case - the regular tofu (not the firm one) fries up perfectly and is like 40 cents per block. used thai basil, snap peas, tomatoes (that i roasted beforehand) and red onion. made a sauce from soy, fish and oyster sauces, chili peppers, white pepper, garlic, vinegar, and arrowroot and an orange bell pepper (just to try to thicken the sauce a little, which i then pureed in a food processor before adding to the pan)... worked very well, and though i'm still trying to get the sauce just right, probably my best batch yet!

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              Thanks for all the help. Your tips are great . . . I really appreciate them.