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Maximilian's Austrian-Hungarian cuisine North Hollywood

Well, went for lunch today.

first of all -great prices - NOTHING at lunch over $14.95. I had tafelspitz, dining companion had chicken paprikas.

Big list of desserts as well. Schnitzels, mushroom "goulash" (gomboc) available with spaetzle made in house.

Kremschnit, gesztenyepure -chestnut puree on whipped cream.

Notes - chef came out to talk to the clientele (official opening is next week). Very pleasant. Former chef from Hortobagy. This is the former Maximilian's space - the french place, corner of Weddington and Tujunga near the public library. BIG parking lot on Weddington.

He told me that some of hte older specialties from Hortobagy are availalbe - just not on the menu so you have to ask for them. They now have korozott - liptauer spread on the menu. Kibamaj and disznosajt available on request. Menu has only apricot jam palacsintak-palatschinken. BUT you can request and get walnut, poppy seed and probably cheese filled crepes as well.

For the next week or so it seems they are handout out a tray of mixed appetizer spreads as goodwill. Great butter, korozott cheese spread, a country pate, peppers, radishes and scallions. Very tasty.

Weddington st just east of Tujunga ave, west of Lankershim. Everything was delicious, and a bit rustic, if you're expecting GUndel or Drei Husaren, you'll be disappointed. But I had a great time.

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  1. Thanks Jerome. Apparently Laszlo and Czardas were not compatible. Good to have him back in the Valley where his culinary roots always always been.
    Found the website here:

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      Thanks for the update. Been waiting for some news for awhile. That website needs work, but my hubby (born of an Austrian father) is going to be thrilled about the local grub

    2. Fantastic dinner at Maximilian's last night. Had the Transylvanian goulash, friend had the wiener schnitzel with red cabbage and spätzle. We split a cucumber salad.

      The complementary appetizer's were similar to what Jerome mentioned, but it also included sliced salami and a wedge of meatloaf with creamy dill sauce.

      Lazlo came out again and checked in with all the guests. Service was very friendly - unlike what I remember from Hortobagy.

      I be visiting them again soon.

      1. My God, that man needs a vowel transplant STAT. My tongue seized up just READING that.

        However, I will have to check it out when I next have a trip to the Valley and a long enough lunch to get there, eat and get back to Burbank.

        Hortobagy (the old, echte Hortobagy) had the best damn chestnut cream cake EVER.

        1. This Burgenlander Plate for two sounds like the Hortobagy wooden plate, but I don't remember it having duck on it. The wooden plate just a while back at Csardas had duck on it.

          Has anyone had this and are the potatoes and cabbage directly below the meats or were they put in bowls with the meats stacked on top of the bowls? This may sound like a fine point, but at Csardas the bowl thing just looked wrong, which laid the groundwork for too much heavy breaded meat stuff on the wooden plate there (family doesn't want to go back there, I'm trying to talk them into Maximilians saying it sounds like Hortobagy...

          Also, Csardas wasn't all cozy like Hortobagy was, how's Maximilian's?

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            it's a more elegant place than hortobagy was.

            again - if there's something you liked at Hortobagy - just ask the server to ask Laszlo. They have quite a few things that aren't on the menu.

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              I always liked Hortobagy's homey atmospher, oh well, as long as they have the wooden plate, the cucumber salad and the bull's blood wine I'm there.

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                if they have the wooden plate - it's called something else. You may want to call first.

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                  I think its the Burgenlander Plate

          2. Thanks Jerome for posting. there aren't too many hungarian/austrian places around~ will have to swing by and grab some dinner. However, I just checked their website and the posting for the menu is so small, you can't read anything. I guess i will just have to find out when i go...

            1. is the mushroom goulash with speatzle, all vegetarian? also, is the the whipped cream on the chestnut puree, fresh whipped cream aka shclag or is it the stuff form a can. because at laslo's hortbagy it was from a can. speaking of which, is laszlo's hortbagy on ventura blvd still open or shuttered?

              i've been ot maximillian's a couple y ears b ack when it was a french restaurant, but then it inexplicably closed. is the decor the same or what? Thank you.

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                laszlo's hortbagy is closed, it's now an Indian restaurant.

              2. Lunch there today, Saturday, totally empty. Door was locked when we tried to enter. Laszlo was there but wasn't cooking and then left. Service was attentive, as it should be since we were the only customers there for most of the meal. No complementary appetizers, maybe just at dinner.

                Wiener Schnitzel was dry, overcooked, menu said it came with potato, but it was served with rice. Husband liked his chicken paprika. Cucumber salad was tasty. Red cabbage portion was tiny. Soup of the day was tasty. Apricot palatschinken was very tasty, sache torte was dry, and I overheard the young chef asking the young waitress which one was the sache torte. Cream served with both deserts was overwhipped, tasted like butter.

                By the time we left, there were two other tables of diners, so that made me feel better for them. Location is horrid, no foot traffic or drive by traffic - will need word of mouth to survive.

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                  that doesn't sound too promising. but yeah, when it was the old french restaurnat it didn't do too well either, maybe that's what why the previoius frenchy folded???

                2. Hi Jerome,

                  How does this compare to Knoll's Black Forest Inn? I really miss that place and have been looking for a place to fill that void, at least in part.

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                    Different than Knoll's Black Forest. I didn't care for the owner/hostess at Knoll's so I don't know if I can be objective

                    Went for Dinner - on Friday night. Three of us. COmplimentary appetizers were there. Korozott spread was delicious. Salamis and prosciutto type ham all very tasty. Got two soups - one oxtail soup with liver dumpling, DELICIOUS, one carrot soup - not puree, again a bit rustic, fine, mildly flavored - some might call it a bit bland, but that's how it's supposed to be. Special appetizer available - took it, three slices smoked duck breast, two nice pieces of hungarian libamaj/foie gras spread, there was a third thing, can't remember. Duck breast quite tasty, foie gras - I like foie gras, simple spread, not lobes.

                    Tafelspitz - delicious. NOtot everyone's taste, boiled/braised beef with three toppings, seasoned sour cream, sweet apples, and a horseradish sauce. Variety of vegetables and potatoes accompanying.

                    Szekely/Transylvanian goulash. Quite good. Nice helping of sauerkraut in sauce with meat. Potatoes were just warm in my dish, would have liked them a bit hotter, but quite nice.

                    third dish, I didn't taste the meat- i think it was paprikash , but the sauce well.very good sauce, excellent. Came with nokerli/nokedli/spaetzle. This is my one beef with the place, the dumplings could be a little lighter. this is what i mean by rustic. it's a bit heartier than need be.

                    Desserts - ordered the palatschinken/palacsinta - two toan order so one was apricot and asked for the other to be plain walnut. And tried the kaiserschmarrn/császármorzsa which I was told was available on request. I might have asked earlier but there was no problem and they made it to order as we were thinking about dessert.
                    For info on the dessert
                    two bottles of s pellegrino, a small carafe of a burgenlander red (burgenland is perfect for this place, hungarian until 1919, austrian since then [when there was an austria] ), three desserts two soups one special appetizer, (plus complimentary appetizer) three main dishes, plenty of bread, good service, total about $100 for three.

                    Lots of parking in lot. Will be great in summer with outdoor seating. Very happy I went back. could use more patrons. pretty empty last night. only two or three tables.

                    one of the nicer places in the east valley, imho.

                    1. re: Jerome

                      I never had much interaction with the owners at Black Forest but they seemed . . . old and prim. We always had what seemed to be the most experienced waiter at the restaurant and he was always gracious and kind of jovial even. They were certainly on the more refined side of things there.

                      Thanks for the run down of the meal. It's certainly different but it's a must-go-to place for me following that description. Prices sound more than reasonable.

                      By the way, if you like foie gras you may like the pate at Anisette. Wonderful texture and flavor, topped with a madeira gelee. It's the best I've had in recent memory.

                      1. re: Jerome

                        Hildegard Knoll was always very nice to me, but then I had gotten to know her over the years. Toward the end of the restaurant's life, she knew she was selling the place and her husband Norbert was in and out of the hospital often, and those complications were taking their toll on her. Ron, her son and lunch time host, was always charming, and really knew his wines.
                        But I still miss that patio on a warm summer evening around 6-7pm for wine-tasting dinners. Even better than the ones at Pane e Vino and Orso.

                        1. re: carter

                          Well, they certainly ran one hell of a restaurant in my opinion.

                        2. re: Jerome

                          Had no idea you could as for kaiserschmarrn, had I known, I definately would have. Need to go back now just for that. :-)