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Jan 16, 2009 11:15 PM

Anything Chow Worthy near Theo Chocolates (SEA)

I want to take the chocolate tour at Theo chocolates (when I visit) and I will be taking the bus - It is apprx. a 30min bus ride from downtown (even longer if I ride out from my B&B on 18th) ... So I was wondering if there was any other place near by to make it worth my while (AS IF free chocolate wasn't worth it anyway!! LOL!)


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  1. I'm a big Brouwer's fan, and it's right next door to Theo. They have a ton of beers on tap, and the food is good.

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      baguette box is a block or so away and they make some pretty good sandwiches.

    2. Chiso Sushi (and the Kappo Omakase) are just a few blocks away. A little bit farther, but still with in walking distance is Paseo.

      1. The Baguette Box and Brouwer's are good suggestions- both on the casual side- Brouwer's beer list is one of my favorite- I wouldn't go there to be wowed by food though

        I would add-
        35th Street Bistro (French food- CHOW worthy)
        Chiso or Kappo (two of the best sushi places in Seattle- one is mostly for omasake- both CHOW places)
        Brad's Swingside Cafe( Itailan- highly thought of in Seattle- hole in the wall- medium walkup fremont ave- right along the bus lines)
        Roxy's Diner (for atmosphere and fun)
        Flying Apron Bakery (on Fremont Ave- organic bakery- try the apricot cookie)
        Pontevecchio Italian Bistro (for a romantic truly Italia experience)

        PASEO! if it is open! (Cuban sandwiches- famous in this city- on Fremont Ave less than a ten minute walk north- order the Midnight Cuban or the Scallop Sandwich)

        1. Another vote for Baguette Box, which serves banh mi, those terrific Vietnamese sandwiches. Try the crispy drunken chicken.

          1. If "near" extends as far as 8 blocks, Paseo is at 43rd & Fremont.

            More or less due East about 6 blocks, at 3501 Stone Way, is Pacific Inn Pub, which has Fish and Chips we enjoy.

            Norms has apps and cooks their own potato chips and may still have a a $6 beer and burger deal.

            Hales Ales, 4301 Leary Way NW (about 7th and Leary) has a good happy hour menu - Pizza or a good burger for $3 or $4.