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Jan 16, 2009 08:35 PM

Breakfast near Highland and Franklin

Hi there, I would love some suggestions for a great breakfast/ brunch spot near Highland and Franklin. Walking distance from there would be ideal. Thanks!

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  1. Off Vine is an option, a good 15 minute walk.

    Magnolia is also 20 min or so.

    Mel's Diner is right down Highland... a simple option, nothing amazing, but simple and close.

      1. re: Servorg

        Thanks for the suggestions! I was looking for somewhere we can maybe sit outside. Sort of like Toast, but over there. If I can't find that, I think we will try the 101 Coffee Shop. Thanks again!!

        1. re: NatKal

          101's good, but there's no outside seating. I'm constantly amazed at what posters here consider "close" -- if you'd asked for Chinese, people would be sending you to Highland Park. Of the options already listed, Mel's is the only one I'd consider "close." And isn't Off Vine still closed (as opposed to "close")?

          On the upside, it's a (long) straight (with plenty of hills) walk East on Franklin to the 101. And I think the gangs have been pretty well cleared out of Franklin/Cahuenga, so it should be relatively safe.

          Isn't there something in Hollywood & Highland these days? And there's always Hooters!

      2. Lucky Devils on Hollywood Blvd. has outdoor seating and a good brunch including unlimited mimosas!

        1. There is the place on Franklin & Cahuenga, the south west corner, I have heard nothing but good things and they have an outside eating area. I can not remember thename, sorry.

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            It's Solar de Cahuenga and I think that's a great recommendation. They do have some outside seating. I haven't been in a while, but I think it's a neighborhood favorite. It would be a nice walk over the hill along Whitley Heights.

            Off Vine had a bad fire and I'm pretty sure it's still closed.

            Solar de Cahuenga
            1847 Cahuenga Blvd.