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Does anyone know the Krups stand mixer?

carlux Jan 16, 2009 08:10 PM

I live in France, where the range of stand mixers is somewhat different. For the last year I have had an ongoing saga of trying to choose/keep a good stand mixer.

I started with the Kitchenaid Artisan (regular 570 Euros here, avaiable online around 400) which was defective, the head wouldn't stay down. Since then I have checked them whenever I go to an appliance store, and find that a number of them have the same problem. So I'm a little leery of buying one without testing it. (This is about the only model available here)

Having sent the KitchenAid back, I then bought a Kenwood Chef Titanium (made by Delonghi in the US) After 3 weeks I had a problem with the patisserie head, which broke partly my problem, partly theirs. Took it to the recommended repair shop for a new part (had the Kenwood 1 year guarantee, and two year vendor guarantee). That was last July. After waiting 7 weeks for the part the repair man suggested asking for a replacment, as he had had no luck getting parts for a year!. Everyone agreed this was the right way to go, he says he took the serial number plate off the machine, and sent it to the vendor. They say they never got it, and since then nothing seems to happen. I write/call regularly to Kenwood France, the vendor, even Kenwood UK, pointing out tha someone shoudl care that I havent had a machine for 7 months.
SO far no luck.

If I ever get a refund, obviously I dont ever want to deal with Kenwood again (too bad, I had an earlier machine of theirs for 25 years, and loved it) Recently saw someone on French television using a Krups stand mixer, which is somewhat cheaper and looked reasonably good. Does anyone have experience with this? I don't know if it's even sold in the US, so maybe American experience is limited. Thanks.