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Jan 16, 2009 06:55 PM

Fresh Tacos!

Where can one find Good, Fresh tacos in the city?
Kensington need not apply!

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  1. casa mariachi, st. clair west ( a bit west of bathurst). mexican owned, super fresh and cheap.
    tuesday is 2 for 1. i like the pastor and chorizo myself.

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    1. re: zed1984

      burro burrito on college west of clinton has fantastic burritos — the best i've had in this fair city. i haven't tried their tacos but i can safely assume that they are DELICIOUS.

      1. re: zed1984

        For their "el pastor". . at casa mariachi. . .are they making Mexico city style. . .you would see what looked like a shawarma or gyro meat maker in the back, which the meat is sliced off of. . .?

        If they are, I'll move in.

      2. For fast food, I would recommend Tacos el Asador on Bloor St near Clinton, and Rebozos on Rogers Rd. For restaurants, check out Mexitaco on Bloor St near Shaw or Jalapenos on King St West near Bathurst (I'm not too familiar with their dinner menu but I know they have a very reasonable lunch menu with excellent tacos).