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Jan 16, 2009 05:23 PM

Best Liver (and onions? w/ bacon?)

ok - so i have an aversion to liver, which is honestly just a holdover from childhood. Every now and again, i try to revisit old dislikes, and see if they are really just habits at this point. Liver is next. I am not talking about liverwurst or chopped liver. I mean a slab of meat - i know liver and onions is a classic, i've heard its good w/ bacon, but it is all hearsay to me. I need a great example to get me passed the past.

help me.

where is the best liver in manhattan? I want a new food....

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  1. I haven't been there recently, but I have always been impressed with the Venetian style calves liver at Gonzo.

    1. While I've never had the Venetian-style liver at Gonzo, I did have it at the late Vincent Scotto's previous restaurant, Scopa. It was to die for! Gonzo does not have a website. Checking menupages, I do not see this liver dish listed, though the menus on menupages are not always up-to-date.

      La Petite Auberge, one of our favorite French bistros, serves a delicious preparation of liver and onions. However, it is not on the regular menu, so you need to call to see if it is being offered as a special.

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      1. Trestle on Tenth has great liver and onion with potato rosti
        near there the Red Cat has liver and onion with bacon, also awesome

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            I've only had the liver at RC once, but what I loved about it was that it was thick cut and cooked medium/medium rare, much like I do it myself at home.

        1. You could buy some at Citarella and cook it yourself. I once had their liver and it was excellent! If you are afraid of liver, you can start off with a version that is more accessible to almost everyone. You buy chicken livers, they cost almost nothing, and here is how you cook them:

          Put them in a pan, very hot, and cook them but not too much. You want them to retain their rosy interior. You take them out of the pan, you then put peanut oil and balsamic vinegar and heat it up. You pour the sauce over the livers which you will have put over mesclun salad. Even those not familiar with liver love this recipe. If you see restaurants that offer them as appetizers, try them. Maybe in appetizer size, you will be less afraid:)

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            With peanut oil? Wow, I'd never have imagined that combination!

          2. Not a restaurant I'd probably recommend otherwise, but Vince & Eddies on West 68th between CPW & Columbus does a really good liver with frizzled onions and thick, crisp bacon.

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              agree with joanN re: the liver at V&E, and the rest of the food.

              the best whole liver plate i had, recently, was at west branch, where it's served with crispy sweetbreads, onion and bacon. the liver was tender, moist and perfectly cooked. (the biggest aesthetic danger of eating liver is getting an overcooked, dry hunk of it. that's the kind of prep that turns some people off to liver for life.)

              in the past, i've also enjoyed the version at blaue gans, where it's served with bacon, apples and onions.