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Jan 16, 2009 05:20 PM

Costa Rican food?

Came from a backpacking trip in Costa Rica and now feeling nostalgic about their food. Does anyone know of ANY Costa Rican restaurants/markets in Los Angeles/Orange County area(s)?

Suggestions are greatly appreciated. THANKS!

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  1. Costa Rica Restaurant in Anaheim.
    never been there but ran across this recently in a newspaper article.

    Please let me know how it is. Just came back from CR myself and curious.

    1. There is also Las Delicias restaurante in Encino.
      Las Delicias Restaurant - maps.google.com
      15355 Sherman Way, Van Nuys - (818) 988-8323
      My mouth is watering....

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        Is it Costa Rican, or just Central American? I just spent 6 weeks there, and while I am in no rush whatsoever for gallo pinto, casado, etc, I'm sure I will be in the not too distant future and this place is not far from me.