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Jan 16, 2009 05:18 PM

New to South Slope/ Best Delivery choices

We recently moved to the South Slope from Carroll Gardens and are looking for opinions about be out places for pizza, sushi, Chinese, Thai...any delivery favorites that are especailly kind to those of us who live South of !4th Street... Thank you!

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! There are quite a few very good neighborhood restaurants around here (Little D, Applewood (if you can get in), Beer Table, Sidecar, brunch at 12th St. Bar and Grill, Bar Toto, Cafe Steinhof...), though the take-out is mostly just OK. Our regulars are:

    Sushi: Kiku (meh, just rolls pretty much, though OK for delivery - I probably order from there at least twice a week by default)
    Pizza: Anthony's (won't win any NYC pizza wars, but more than good enough for a neighborhood joint) or Peppe's (which is phenomenal if you eat it in their tiny storefront, but loses a lot in delivery)
    Indian: Kinara (great tikka masala and saag paneer)
    Thai: Watana Siam (actually one of the better Thai places around)
    Middle Eastern: Olive vine
    Burritos: I think Uncle Moe's holds up best for delivery; many will argue about this.

    Chinese is harder; if anyone has any suggestions for somewhere that'll deliver to 16th/7th, I'd be just as interested to hear as you, as I haven't had chinese delivered in two years.

    Let me know if you find anything better...

    1. I just moved from 12th st a year ago from living there my entire life. I agree with most of the posts from above but I can't say I'd specify my choices to delivery only.

      Mexican - Uncle Moe's for sure, watsonville burrito is my favorite, just the right size and soo good
      Chinese - Red Hot Szechuan mmmmmm mmmm good, especially the hot&sour soup
      Growing up around there, Smiley's/Smiling Pizza and Donuts (the diner on 9th st) were always favorites to eat at. I've only ever had the rolls at Kiku, but they wereee always good.