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Jan 16, 2009 05:04 PM

Thai Jar Earn Express in Lewiston, Maine

Yum! Please patronize this place. I'd had to see it go the way of other good restaurants, which usually seem to disappear in Lewiston.

Thai Jar Earn is a nondescript place at the intersection of College and Sabattus streets, a short walk from Bates College. It's in a building that used to house a variety store and sandwich counter (across the street from the lamentable Luiggi's). It's great food, well-prepared, and the price is right.

Tonight's dinner for three included chicken stay with cucumber and peanut sauces (four big skewers for $5.50); big, very fresh spring rolls with homemade peanut sauce ($4.25 -- more than enough for three people); pineapple fried rice with pork, eggs, onions, scallions, carrots and basil (a big platter fo $7.95); spicy pad thai with veggies; and a red curry loaded with chicken and fresh vegetables. Everything was fresh, well-seasoned, and delish! Our tab, including one large iced tea, came to $40.25 before tip. A bargain.

Here's a menu link:

Oops! Better link:

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  1. couldn't agree more, this is homemade, family style stuff that i have yet to see in maine, as good or better than the best stuff i used to hunt down in nyc. ask for the drunken noodles unsweetened (critical) with duck....and three star spicy.....yowzah! they have spied vinegar to go with it...heaven!!!!!! inexpensive and pleasant too. hope they can lead the way around here, as it seems boston sweet and sour red sauce is the cleft note around here.

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      Hey, don't knock Luigi's! They got me through many an all-nighter! Though I don't feel the need to ever go back...Thai Earn (not urn?) Express sounds more like my kind of place now.