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Jan 16, 2009 02:38 PM

Brunch List (Special Occasion)

Looking to take my best friend to birthday brunch this Sunday. Prefer not to wait in line, so somewhere that takes reservations and/or is not touristy. So no Prune or Pastis/Balthazar or Essex or Jane suggestions. Also, no EV spots like Westville East, Cafe Orlin, Smith, etc. I'm looking to make it somewhat special. I've compiled a small list so far, and I would appreciate any comments about them as well as new suggestions.

Little Owl
Blue Ribbon Bakery

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Does the restaurant have to be downtown? Would you consider a lunch menu, i.e., no eggs, pancakes, etc.? What is your per person budget for food only (drinks, tax & tip additional)?

    1. I don't think Little Owl takes reservations for brunch but it is fairy easy to walk-in; however, the menu is quite limited/small. I don't think they do waffles or french toast. If your friend has a specific craving for an item, he/she may not be happy with the menu there.

      Blue Ribbon Bakery is pretty popular and only takes reservations for small groups. The "breakfast"-y part of the menu is not that extensive, so, again, if your friend has a specific craving for an item, he/she may not be happy with the menu there. For example, they don't have pancakes or waffles, and the French toast is OK but not the best in town.

      1. The last time we were at Blue Ribbon for brunch, there was a waiting line for small parties and most of those waiting appears to be not locals. Plus the brunch was not that impressive.

        I have not been to Terroir in the E Village for brunch, and feel that it's not fair to suggest place(s) that I've not personally tried, but fwiw this is one that we're looking forward to going to.

        1. Had a really nice brunch at August a couple of weeks ago. I'd also recommend Perry Street (although more of a lunch-y menu).
          I haven't been to Little Owl brunch, but based on dinner, there, I'd recommend. Also in this camp, Market Table and Perilla.
          Blue Ribbon Bakery is very good, but it's busy.

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            Good suggestions on August and Perilla. This time of year I would probably recommend Perilla -- August has the covered outdoor space in the back and I don't know if it's open right now.

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              It is--that's where we ate. We were in the back corner, which was comfortable despite a slight draft.

          2. Balthazar does take reservations. You feel it's touristy, is that it?