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Jan 16, 2009 02:21 PM

High End Resto in downtown Minneapolis

Where to take clients to impress in the downtown area? Money no object.

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  1. I think a lot of people will say Manny's, because that seems to be the place to go for people with expense accounts. But I'm going to say Cosmos, because I think it's extremely elegant, fantastic service, unique presentation, focus on local ingredients. It's a shame more people don't seem to know about Cosmos because every meal I've had there has been amazing.

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    1. re: drew13000

      Thanks, Drew. I just read on another website that Manny's is closed. Any info?

      1. re: shopgirl

        Manny's moved to a new location...maybe that's what they mean? (beware of website music).


      2. re: drew13000

        I'd agree that Manny's is a great choice when money is no object and you're dealing with clients. It has that feeling of an old fashioned club, where men used to go to drink, eat, smoke cigars, and talk about business deals.

        Also since you said "Where to take clients to impress," I think that you'll find that sports stars and celebrities do go there. Anybody else have a recommendation on where to impress (not just with the food)?

        1. re: GutGrease

          I would say Porter + Frye or Chamber's Kitchen for someone who is interested in/pleased by stylish decor and slightly avant-garde food. If they're strictly meat-n-taters, then Manny's. I love the decor at BANK, but have not eaten dinner there (and the brunch food was good but not impressive).

      3. Old money: La Belle Vie

        New money: Porter & Frye

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        1. re: MSPD

          How many people are you having at the event? Is wine a concern? A few questions to help you with the best choice.

        2. Fugaise. I just had a 7 courser with wine pairing last night and it was absolutely mindblowing. Not hard to get a reservation either!

          1. I had a great meal at Fugaise recently and would second the recommendation. However, bear in mind that it is not in Downtown Minneapolis (in case it matters). It's right over the river across from Surdyk's on Hennepin. Also like Cosmos a lot.

            Other possibilities that haven't been mentioned: Vincent (nice room, great food); D'Amico Cucina (haven't been in years); Lurcat (food is solid, but not quite as strong as other recommendations - but I think it's one of the nicest rooms in the city - particularly if you can get by the window).

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            1. re: bob s

              Well, 30 seconds across a bridge from downtown, or downtown. Close enough. Incredible food in the immediate area is the point.

              1. re: amgarrison

                I personally don't think it's a big problem either. But the OP and/or her guests may not agree. I just was adding info in case it mattered.

              2. re: bob s

                I have to agree with Bob. I live in the neighborhood of and love Fugaise, but have worked downtown and this time of year, "downtown" meant "skyway access" (or within a block) when we were entertaining clients.

                Great recommendation though.

              3. I would agree with Vincent - however if you want to spring for a cab to St. Paul I wouls go to Heartland - Best Restaurant in the Cities in my opinion!

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                1. re: spudchef

                  Agree with you about the Heartland in St. Paul. But I also love Restaurant Alma in Minneapolis.

                  1. re: PatSirek

                    alma would be on my list, but like fugaise, it's across the river from downtown minneapolis, so along with heartland i don't think it meets the op's criteria.

                    on second read, though, the op says "downtown area"-- so maybe fugaise and alma are in the ballpark, though heartland is really quite far afield??? all 3 are great restaurants though!