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Help us Philadelphians find an excellent Norwalk/Stamford area dinner?

We want to celebrate our daughter and son-in-law's 30th birthdays with a really nice dinner in that area next weekend. Our tastes are eclectic-- anything's fine as long as the food's good (although a nice cozy atmosphere would be nice for this occasion). Help? Thanks!

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  1. friends took us to barcelona in greenwich when we were staying overnight in stamford last year - festive, and highty recommended:
    down the street, this place was cozier - might fit the bill, too:

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    1. I had an amazing solo dinner at Morello's on Greenwich Ave in Greenwich ( duh) ...veal chop to die for. Excellent wine list and although I ate at the bar, the front and back of the box looked really nice to me...

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        Thanks for the input, capeanne. Looks like we'll be deciding today or tomorrow.

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          You should post on the tristate board for the norwalk stamford area. We love the Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton, Harvest Supper in New Canaan, Match in Sono. Barcelona is always fun, either in Norwalk or Greenwich.

      2. Some suggestions would be Bistro Bunne Nuit and Roger Sherman Inn, both in New Canaan. Also, Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton. Post on the tristate board and you will probably get more recs.


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          thanks very much. Wish I'd realized earlier there was another, maybe better board to post the question on. Thanks for the help-- it's nice not to go in blind.

        2. It depends on whether you want high end or fun. Lots to choose from in STM and if you drive to South Norwalk (we call it SONO) it is really good and fun. Greenwich is a bit mor stodgy, and New Canaan & Wilton are more Norman Rockwellian. FFD posters are a wealth of information. If you are more specific, we can as well.

          1. Other casual fun good dining options:

            Brasitas in Stamford

            Duo in Stamford

            Rowayton Seafood in Norwalk (near Darien

            Osetra in South Norwalk

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              Amanda3571: I don't like Braistas at all over priced and poor quality food, just good for a drink in my opinion.

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                Thanks. Our dinner's postponed to early February (because I have chickenpox (!)), and the stepkids have been wanting to try Rowayton Seafood, so we'll probably go there. The menu turns me off a bit, but unless a throng of you say "Yuck! No! It's really awful!", that'll probably be it.

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                  Chicken pox, that is rough as an adult, how long does that last? Hope you feel better, take care and lots of fresh veggies and fluids.

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                    jfood dined at RS twice in the last few weeks. Once was fair and the service needy, the other time was back to its old great standards. He also noticed the prices have come down from a year ago.

                    Word of advice, when you know when you are comingplease call for a reservation and ask to sit on the enclosed deck. The inside can get very crowded and noisy.

                    In case you want to see the menu:


                    Another fish restaurant a little further down 95 in the other direction is FISH in PortChester (just over the CT/NY line. The jfood were there this past weekend and really liked it.


                    Either way, feel better (jfood had chicken pox at 21) recover and come up to this neckof the woods.

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                      Thanks for the advice and healing thoughts. I should be better in a week. Is the enclosed deck at RS cozy? Festive? Pretty? Appreciate the tips.

                      1. re: watercress

                        hi watercress,
                        the deck is neither cozy nor festive when it's freezing outside. sitting near the fireplace in the winter works for us. there's a nice (big) round table adjacent. give it a shot if rs is your destination.

                        1. re: steve h.

                          Can you see jfood smiling up the road.

                          When the jfoods went a couple of weeks ago they sat next to that fire (there were two 2-tops, one on each side of the 'place). It was really hot and uncomfortable and the server station was right behind jfood.

                          If you can get the table against the wall facing the fireplace (jfood thinks that is the one steve is referring to) jfood agrees with steve.

                          Jfood ate outside both times, not chilly at all.

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                            the four-top near the base of the stairs is my favorite. all the fire without the heat :-)
                            deb and i have been going to rs for too many years. the five mile is in our dna.
                            it's all good.