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chef or caterer on west side for b day party?

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I'm about to turn 50, and was thinking of having 20-25 people over for dinner. Would like tasty food for $25-$35 per person. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. I've heard good things about:


    But I have no idea what the pricing is like, hope that was somewhat helpful!

    1. How about Stefan from Top Chef. He has a catering company in Santa Monica.

      1. Contact Fuse Catering - they are based in culver city. http://www.fusecateringla.com/

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          Fuse Catering hosted my annual student piano concert. The quality of food and service was superb. The cost was very reasonable, too. I have no hesitation in recommending them for your upcoming birthday party.

        2. An Idea ~ (Only, as I've never had a catered meal from them):

          Soleil Westwood - Catering Menu
          Meal for $15 per person - Minimum 20 people

          1st - Chocie between 2 salads

          2nd - Choice of 2 Entrees - (which means 1 p/p, I'd guess ?):
          Baby Back Ribs
          Gratin de Fruit de Mers
          Beef Bourguignon
          Lamb Chops
          Beef Stroganoff
          Grilled Baby Salmon

          Add Dessert at $4.00 p/p.

          Total $19 p/p; add a app and/or wine and you can still make your $25-$35 p/p budget.


          1. What kind of food are you looking for? Any specific dislikes? Do you want a formal plated sit-down-and-get-served meal or something more casual and party-like?