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Jan 16, 2009 01:51 PM

Vegan Glory on Beverly

any good?

let me preface that.

any good for vegan food?

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  1. I found the food rather greasy. If you are looking for something healthier and cleaner tasting I would try Budda's Belly just down the street past Fairfax and Beverly. Although not a vegan restaurant they do have non meat dishes and salads.

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    1. re: markovr6

      Personally I think Vegan Glory is rather light for asian cuisine which can sometimes be a bit heavy. But I'm thinking we have different tastes as I'm not a fan of Buddha's Belly.

      Kevin, I'd go to VG if you're in the mood for healthy asian, but if you want vegan the best in the neighborhood is at RFD around the corner.

      1. re: Newkie

        Agreed... I prefer RFD...


        1. re: Dommy

          RFD and Vegan Glory both happy to be vegan, but other than that comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges. I would say if you want nicely spiced Asian food, go to Vegan Glory. If you want American food or pseudo-ethnic food, go to RFD (any Asian-style dishes I have ever tried at RFD have been just plain awful, with sweet gloppy sauces). RFD is also considerably more expensive than Vegan Glory -- in fact, every time I have eaten at RFD, I have been shocked at how costly it is - have an entree, drink and dessert and you will be close to $30 with tax and tip. Not worth it in my opinion. I find most of RFD dishes range from just okay to downright awful. Not that Vegan Glory is the best restaurant in L.A., but then you are not dropping $30 either.

    2. Vegan Glory is really not bad for vegan food. And if you say you want it spicy, they will give it to you appropriately spicy. I think it is much better than that other vegan place in Palms (Vegan Joint I think it is called). And in season, they have mango and sticky rice for dessert and that dessert which I have had many times in Thailand is very good and traditionally made.

      1. I've been there a few times when I meant to go to Hirozen and it was closed. The foods more Thai than I would expect and the service is very accommodating. My stomach is pretty much iron-clad but meals there always result in the most deadly indigestion for our whole family.

        1. Last time I ate here the food was greasy too. For vegan food I prefer Bulan Thai on Melrose which is still in the area of Vegan Glory.

 - I highly recommend the green papaya salad.

          1. I have been to Vegan Glory and find it to be quite good if you stick with the Thai dishes. My favorites are green curry-spicy, and eggplant with basil. Even my friends who are carnivores occasionally suggest it as a place to go. I would describe RFD as more new age vegan restaurant that has ethnic dishes on their menu, and Vegan Glory as a mostly thai restaurant that happens to be Vegan.

            my 2 cents