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Jan 16, 2009 01:45 PM

Favorite Ravioli Fillings

I love to make ravioli with wonton skins. Have made goat cheese with herb, sausage, beef, all cheese mushrooms, butternut squash, etc.

Would love to know any of your favorite and their recipe. I enjoy making them utilizing leftovers which can be a lot of fun and creative. One of my favorites was with chorizzo and a manchego cheese with a spicy red sauce but I would love to hear your favorites.

Thx, Kim

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  1. Hi there, this has come up a few times lately. A search of the boards will likely provide the threads. Here i a recent one to get you started. The butternut squash were delicious by the way.

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      I've made yummy ricotta and egg yolk ravioli from Mario Batali's Babbo Cookbook, although I'm not sure wonton skins are big enough?

      Here's a link to the recipe on Foodnetwork:

      P.S. piping the ricotta mixture makes it a lot easier and less messy!

    2. Ravioli fillings are a particulary good way to use up leftovers. Many restaurant chefs go to making ravs to clean out yesterday's specials.

      Use a mixture of ricotta and stuff to fill the dough. Crab, ricotta (you can use cheese here as the ricotta is very mild), a little egg, some cooked chard or spinach, and....

      Lamb shanks. creamed corn....pureed peas....rutabagas...etc.

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        I like the idea of peas and the corn, I was thinking of a roasted corn puree with some herbs and maybe some red peppers and goat cheese. Thx for the tips. I agree leftovers are usually when I make mine as well. thx

      2. Butternut squash-amaretti biscuits-parmigiano cheese ravioli are a fave - we serve them every year at Thanksgiving (instead of pumpkin pie - "pumpkin" ravioli).

        Other good fillings I've tried:
        gorgonzola & pear - good with butter/parmigiano cheese sauce
        pureed artichoke & truffle!!! - with a sauce of olive oil, parmigiano, & strips of prosciutto crudo
        broccoli & pecorino ravioli with "vongole verace" (clam) sauce
        crabmeat & ricotta - with creamy tomato-basil sauce

        hope this helps!

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          Can't wait to try gorgonzola and pear, but the others sounds amazing. I have made a lobster, ricotta, herbs with a vodka cream tomato sauce with fresh basil. One of my faves is wild mushrooms with a creamy parm sauce and if you ever want to try something fun.

          Diced apples, pears and cranberries with gruyere, lightly dipped in fresh bread crumbs and pecans ground fine and pan sauteed in butter and then served with a simple gorgonzola cheese sauce and a dollop of current jelly warmed up on the top. Did that for a wedding a couple of years ago.

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            I lived off squash-amaretti-parmesan ravioli in Italy. A little store a block away from my apartment sold only fresh pastas, and this was my absolute favorite. There was even a decent mass-produced brand available at grocery stores like Carrefour. I always ate it with browned butter and crispy fried sage. And then I gained like, thirty pounds.

          2. At the moment, mushroom is my fav filling.
            But I also enjoy sweet ravioli fillings for dessert including: dark chocolate, fruit purees, chestnut puree, vanilla cream. I usually serve 2-3 dessert ravioli's with homemade ice cream.

            1. I'm so partial to pumpkin or the zucca barucca, a winter squash, that is so loved in Venetian cooking.