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Jan 16, 2009 01:18 PM

Quiet Business Lunch Vegas @ Venetian

I am looking for a good lunch spot in the venetian to have a three person business lunch.

I called the concierge (sounded like a phone bank) and she said nothing at the Venetian is quiet.

I have eaten at Bouchon and it is FAR too loud.


1) Quiet
2) Comfortable seating
3) Prefer non French as one person is from France.
4) Close to the Sands Convention Center.

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  1. The concierge was mostly correct about "quiet" at lunch time, but there are options. Since you prefer non-French, Pinot Brasserie can be taken out of play, though it has some quiet areas. But if you go up to the Canal Shoppes, Postrio, Zeffirino and Canaletto have some quiet tables and booths in the back. You will have to ask for them - most of the seating is in the Canal Shoppes court area. They are just a short escalator ride from the Convention Center.