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Jan 16, 2009 01:06 PM

MSP: Town Talk Diner

Has anyone been to the TTD since it was sold to the Theros Group (who owns Rudolph's and the St. Clair Broiler)?

I'm curious as how much it may have changed...

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  1. I've been and it doesn't seem much different. Still very good and fun.

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    1. re: churchka

      Good to hear. TTD is a favorite of mine.

      1. re: churchka

        oh thank god, I just saw it on diners drive ins and dives and would have been so so so sad if i had missed out on that place. I'm checking it out asap.

      2. We stopped in for food and drinks this weekend. It was our first visit since Town Talk Diner became a Theros joint.

        I was happy to see that Nick and Patrick were still concocting drinks behind the bar, and that the restaurant is still featuring local, sustainable, seasonal ingredients.

        The Carr Valley Cheese Curds tasted the same. The duck bomb burgers were juicy and paired with bourbon ketchup. The ladies seated next to us raved about their wine braised pot roast and Fischer Farms pork chop. By 7pm, the dining room was packed, as was the bar.

        I had a "scotch bonnet" from the current drink menu. It was habaƱero infused scotch mixed with apricot liqueur and orange bitters. Truly delightful.

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        1. re: Reetsyburger

          I have been by a few times in the past month. I concur with Reetsy that the feel, hospitality, and quality still seem to be up there.

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            Q.: is it true the duckbombs are only available at the bar? the times i have been to the TTD, the bar seemed like Al's Diner + alcohol, with hungry/thirsty people pressed up against the shoulder blades of those lucky enough to have seats already. that's not really my thing so it kinda put me off going except for the dining room.

            1. re: mariyum

              mariyum - you can order the duck bombs from the dining room.
              We usually time our visits for non-peak hours so we can get a seat at the bar.