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Jan 16, 2009 12:07 PM

Good food near Valley Village?

I'm looking for a place near Valle Vista (which i believe is near north hollywood?) where I can buy friends a gift certificate for a birthday dinner. I'm in SF; i do know L.A., but not sure what's good near the Valley. By "good" i mean something like Osteria Mozza caliber? Not necessarily Italian, just a good foodie, local produce kinda place. sorry - i tried looking for threads but nothing came up for Valle Vista, and "the Valley" didn't do much better. Thanks!

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  1. i'm also perfectly willing to just buy a gift certificate for some place good in L.A., if there really is nothing comparable in the Valley . . . I know Luques is always a safe bet . . . (?)

    1. If you're referring to Valley Vista Blvd. That's a street that runs parallel to Ventura Blvd (The main drag across the valley) from Sherman Oaks into Studio City. First recommendations for the local produce, foodie stuff would be Max and Boneyard Bistro. Tons of other restos in the area but you should try refining your search to Ventura Blvd. Studio City and Sherman Oaks... Assuming my street guess was correct. Good luck!

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        i'm sorry, just discovered my mistake! VALLEY VILLAGE! which is some small enclave near Studio City. does that change your choices at all? otherwise, i'll take your advice about Max and Boneyard Bistro, Ventura Blvd., etc. Thanks so much.

        1. re: mariacarmen

          I guess Max would be my vote. L.A. is not like S.F., and the Valley is really more like Hayward than Berkeley. Most of the SF-locavore type places are down in LA. Pinot Bistro would be OK too, or Ca' del Sole, but neither of those is O. Mozza.

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            It would not change those two choices. Another posting this morning recommends Maximilian's which is maybe three miles from Valley Village.

        2. There's just simply nothing foodwise or otherwise of the caliber of Osteria Mozza here in Valley Village. You're talking about a pretty large place with nie decor and trendy to da max, and Valley Village is more about quiet comfort. The Melrose crowd just doesn't come out here. There might be someplace on Ventura Blvd., but even then, I think trendy is just something out of the ordinary. There's good food here, and perhaps towards the NoHo arts district there's something trendy. I wouldn't know, because I keep kosher, but in occasionally perusing Chowhound, I've run across more hole-in-the-wall Thai places and Mediterranean. And even Boneyard Bistro, which some people swear by, is not the type of food you're talking about.

          1. Most people would say that Max in Sherman Oaks is the best restaurant in the Valley, and it would be my recommendation.

            To see more options, do a search for Sherman Oaks and Studio City.

            1. Hugo's is a healthy fun busy hip place on Riverside & Coldwater Fresh Healthy and always busy with a mixed cool crowd

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                I don't know if they have gift certificates but I have had many good meals at Prosecco in Toluca Lake.

                1. re: chuck

                  I think i've actually heard about Prosecco! i used to live in l.a. so i know a LITTLE bit about the valley and its environs. but very little. thanks for everyone's input, i'll check out some of those places online.