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Jan 16, 2009 11:59 AM

Auburn Hills, MI

Seeking a restaurant recommendation for the Auburn Hills area. We will be in town for a basketball game and would like to have a great meal after. Anyone know of a worthy place whose kitchen is open late?

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  1. You might try Lelli's (Italian), at the corner of Opdyke & featherstone.
    If you are heading north, try Sagebrush for Mexican in Lake Orion.

    1. There is a pizza shop down squirrel road just past Oakland university on the right in a plaza. I forget the name, but they have great service, salads are great, huge menu, bar, pizza is great. Its very tasty and really fills you up. Has a bar in it so im assuming its open late.

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        The place you mean is one of the Buddy's Pizza chain.

      2. Definitely Lelli's Inn, old Detroit area favorite, right there in Auburn Hills.

        1. You can count me as a no vote for Lellis. Fran Obrien's Maryland crab house at 621 S Opdyke is a bit more chowish.
          If you take Walton Blvd to Adams there is a kruse & Muer in the Meadowbrook outdoor mall. Good food, very good pizza.