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Jan 16, 2009 11:57 AM

Four nights at the Plaza

Would love some recommendations of ethnic, or less expensive eats near 59th and Central park west. Mostly breakfast, maybe lunch. Will be out and about for dinner

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  1. Bouchon Bakery for lunch and amazing macarons in the Time Warner Center. Sarabeths on Central Park South for some of the city's most famous pancakes, Sapphire on Broadway near 60 street does AMAZING and cheap Indian buffet for lunch.

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      Also at Bouchon, do have the quiche. I stand by my recent review that it's the best I've ever eaten. Amazing.

    2. Lunch at Cafe Boulud. Sooo gooood.

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        I agree Cafe Boulud, one of our favs, is excellent. However, it is not near The Plaza. It's on the UES, 76th St., b/t Madison & 5th.

        Bar Boulud is closer, on B'way, b/t 64th & 65th, and would be a fine choice for lunch.

      2. Pain Quotidien for b'fast, lunch & light snacks - on 7th & 58th. Pizza/pasta/salads @ Angelo's on 57th betw. 6th & 7th; Petrossian bet 57th & 58th $28 prix fixe lunch; Molyvos on 7th bet. 55th & 56, $25 prix fixe lunch; Serafina on B'way at 55th; a sandwichy /salady eat-in take out on the SW corner of 57th & 7th (I've forgotten the name) and Café Europa on the north corner - all menus available on

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          For breakfast, one of my favorite places is literally about half a block away - Bottega del Vino - some of the best coffee in Manhattan, in my opinion. They also have pastries, breakfast panini, etc.

          Bottega Del Vino
          7 East 59th Street, New York, NY 10022

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            MMRuth- Thanks for the 'heads up' on this one. I'll try it soon.

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              FWIW - Via Quadronno up on E. 73rd has pretty much the same menu as the front room at Bottega.

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                Thanks MMR - I live in the East 50s, so midtown is more my starting point.

        2. Lunch at Topaz (I think it's on 56th) - delicious Thai lunch. Also, get a burger at the Burger Joint at the Parker Meridian. Another idea is Angelo's Pizza, which is on 57th and 6th-ish and is very good pizza.

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            Brooklyn Diner - on 57th - between 7th and Bdway