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Jan 16, 2009 11:18 AM

Best Drinking Chocolate?

Who has the best drinking chocolate? a heavenly demi tasse of rich heady silken seduction?

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  1. the Xocolate Bar on Solano Ave in Berkeley has a very rich dark drinking chocolate.

    1. Do you mean in 'to purchase"? or place, to sit and enjoy...?
      I like "Mariebelle" and I prefer it prepared 'European" style..(recipe on can) thick and rich......I've bought it online,
      but Williams Sonoma had it the last time I needed to stock up.

      1. Mariebelle is a destination for me everytime I'm in New York, and their hot chocolate is available at Williams Sonoma and the CIA Greystone in St. Helena.
        TRADER JOES has an excellent tin of Sipping Chocolate available fall through spring

        1. The best HOT chocolate mix that we've found is Guittard's Grand Cacao mix. It is usually only available in upscale markets (think Draegers, etc.). The BEST chocolate drink around IMHO.